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  1. I think there is water inside the bench seat on the port side, and wet flotation. I think it gets in through the screw holes where the bench is screwed down. Once I have made the bench attachments watertight again what is the best method to drain the water/dry it out? Inspection port(s) on the the side of the bench? Drill a couple of small holes then epoxy them closed once its drained?
  2. "Ivermectin may exerts its antiviral effect, including its potential activity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), by binding to the importin (IMP) alpha/beta1 heterodimer, which is responsible for the nuclear import of viral proteins such as the integrase (IN) protein. This inhibits nuclear import of host and viral proteins and may inhibit viral replication." Grammatical errors not withstanding, where does this information come from? Who creates the entries for the info in this database? Also why is it specific about COVID in the description of its a
  3. It’s not unkind. If I have my wife at the helm motor is in gear and enough throttle for steerage. If I’m alone I put the motor in neutral. The only thing I’m missing is board down so I think that’s the move. Thanks.
  4. This seemed most appropriate forum for the question. I'm not doing any single handed ocean racing or anything. Just trying to sail my local waters. having a good time but I am having inconsistent success with a major part of sailing my boat: getting the sail up without much issue. Its a marconi rigged catboat. I believe 130 sq ft of sail area. I am sailing with my wife, and also want to go out alone. Most of the time in light breeze I can get the sail up with minimal fuss. Point into the wind best I can, raise topping lift a bit and hoist the sail. I usually have the engine in neutra
  5. It’s a Sturdee Cat. Tough little boat. Edson Schock design. Originals were wood with canvas on deck. 14’4” with a 7’ beam. Draws 10” with board up.
  6. Shrouds seem ok but I am going to measure and adjust as mentioned earlier if necessary. The entire boat does not sit level on the boot stripe.
  7. Best advice yet. I actually arranged some ballast to starboard and it helps.
  8. No it’s for real. The horizontal fenders are tied to the pier. They were there before I rented the slip. Just trying to determine if the engine could really have that much influence on how canted the boat is or if it’s something else. It came with the boat. May sell it and get a 2.5. I’m fairly new to all of this.
  9. Port. Not starboard. Too late for me to edit.
  10. now that boat is in the water all the time I notice that she does not sit on her lines. She leans starboard. I kind of knew this already from the scum line and scraped barnacles above the boot stripe on the aft quarter. It’s also the same side the engine is on. Engine is also on a bracket so sheet doesn’t get caught on the motor when sailing. Could it be the weight of the engine? It’s a 4hp Yamaha where a 2.5 would be more than sufficient. Could it be something more sinister like wet foam under the starboard benches? With 2 people on that side it heels a lot even at rest. Not so much on the p
  11. And bench seats which are nice.
  12. Made some progress since that day.
  13. I’m more worried about swamp ass.
  14. Wetsuit worked like a charm. I just got wet right off the bat because it was hot out. Did capsize a ways out. Was comfortable while recovering. Granted it only took a minute. Rinsed out the suit good after. Good tool to have. Glad I got it.
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