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  1. On its way hone from this event: https://www.melgesic37class.com/news/2021/5/3/melges-ic37s-line-up-for-first-time-in-new-york
  2. Anyone here? On 95 in Darien CT headed presumably for RI.
  3. Yes. Correct. You win the spelling bee. Thanks for calling out my error and alluding to my level of education.
  4. Little big for a batten stuffer no?
  5. Ahhh. That makes sense. I did have an instance where centerboard seemed to hang up, I thought I was on a shoal but maybe that’s it. I have a battle stick that came with, but I do wonder if it’s some sort of prop for the tiller. To keep it in place.
  6. I guess I didn’t really show any scale. The pvc is 1.5” ID. The whacking stick is pretty apt. It’s about the right size to paddle a large Amish gentleman. Way too big for a batten removal tool. I have no head, proper bilge so to speak or anything like that. I guess it’s a mystery. Thanks for trying. Like mentioned I’ll jus toss them. I’ll need em both the next day. At first I was thinking for some sort of June pole arrangement but the mast is easily stepped by hand.
  7. Not sure where to put this so I’ll put it in general. These two items came with my (used) boat. Along with a lot of other stuff, but these two things allude me. Any idea what either of these would be used for? They came with a 14’ catboat.
  8. Exile. Greenwich CT. The horror.
  9. Out of sikaflex at local shops. Bought a tube of 4200. Im doing 2 coats of cetol before I put the wood on. Next nice day I’m going to wrap this project up.
  10. Got it. 4000 is readily available.
  11. Any reason not to use butyl tape?
  12. Not a super hurry. Just looking to splash soon. You give solid advice. Luckily the stuff that was on there wasn’t silicone. I cleaned her up good. Used thickened epoxy for holes and exposed glass. I did not take good caulk out of the seams. I left it. I painted the deck and did first coat of Cetol to new rails. I will use a quality marine bedding compound.
  13. I’m a little pressed for time, and it’s a 2500$ boat. I’m probably going to do about 80% of what you outlined here. Clean it good. Patch with epoxy then bed and fasten. Sikaflex sounds like the ticket. Thanks for the detailed instructions.
  14. And that’s why I asked. Looking at the stuff that’s in there its not like silicone. It’s actually still tacky. I cleaned it off other than what’s in the seam.
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