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  1. That's all pretty reasonable. I was looking at the bill for our airplanes which can be upwards of 10k a month!
  2. I'd turn it upside down, plywood across the bunks and lots of padding everywhere.
  3. So what's required to get unlimited data and messages and what's the cost? initial outlay? per month? Google is making things confusing.
  4. Upper and lower trapeze points are necessary if you're sailing in any breeze. Use the uppers downwind so the crew's weight counteracts the kite and helps prevent the mast from inverting. Use the lowers going upwind. There are a few different systems out there to accomplish this. If you stay on the uppers going upwind and stuff the bow the mast can break. Same going downwind on the lowers. Most people have converted to making this happen automatically when the spinnaker is raised the trap goes to the uppers and when lowered to the lowers. If you have an old small kite where the haly
  5. I'm looking to put a mechanical self steering system (wind Vane) for a Dufour 455 Grand Large. It has an arch with solar panels, a gerhauer dingy davit and a wind generator. Sugar scoop stern. I'll be adding Radar but I'm not sure if it will be mast mounted or on a stern post. I've done several offshore cruises on OPBS but not shorthanded or for that matter even with an autopilot and none longer than 5 days. SPS or ARS? I would certainly prefer an off center system. I'm looking for comments and advice. The autopilot would most likely be used for coastal cruising and the wind vane for
  6. I'd use a block and tackle on the forestay. Loosen it, adjust the shrouds as desired then tighten it up.
  7. Kinda hijacking the thread here. Here's the worst I've ever been grounded. It was on the silver strand in San Diego. Gotta love the headline, an uninformed Navy photographer gave the photo to an uninformed Navy Editor and it ended up as a full page on the back of the Amphibious Times. Always ready with the waterline 6' above the beach. lt took 24 hours, 2 tugs, a stern anchor and another LST to get us floating before going straight into drydock to fix the cracked keel. I was on the helm when we beached. I had been doing it for 2 years. The Captain did everything wrong ON PURPOSE!!
  8. We've been sailing multihulls against mono's for years. All our fleets sail both one design within their fleet and portsmouth against all other boats in the club. It's been a huge success. I argued doing this for years while participation was declining. The club finally instituted it and participation has increased. The biggest skeptics who fought against it have become it's biggest promoters.
  9. So from what I can see a heat pump will need a thru hull and an overboard discharge. Can I tap into an existing line or should I install a new thru hull? So after sailing since I was 12, mainly racing dinghies but with lots of cruising experience and a couple of passages I've never had to think of any of this stuff since except for dinghies it's always been on someone else's boat. I'm taking the plunge when I retire this summer and going to live aboard. I realize sailing skill is only 10% of the equation and I've got tons to learn as I sift through Mountains of info.
  10. Thanks, I was thinking of a reverse cycle heat pump. My plan is to follow the weather and not require either but there will certainly be times when they will be needed. Dufour 455. 120/50/generator.
  11. how many BTU's for a 45'boat? What brands are recommended?
  12. I just purchased a boat in VT that's on the hard. I haven't seen it but I had 2 very Knowledgeable friends, one a rigger/sailmaker, check it and several other boats out in the fall when I was rehabbing from knee replacement. This was the only one that got 2 thumbs up. I made an offer, he countered, I countered the counter and put a down payment on it. The contract states it's contingent on my inspection when the snow melts and getting a good survey and sea trial. Lots of specifics in the contract. He has to pay when we launch. I'll pay for the haul out and storage after that since I
  13. We use these for our iPad's in the cockpit. https://pivotcase.com/products/ They have a variety of high quality suction cup mounts
  14. Jimmy Buffet does have a 7X, he used to have a 900. I've been in recurrent training with one of his pilots.  He flies himself but it takes 2.

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