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  1. So, no one has been able to articulate what the United States would look like without a DOD... No military spending means no military...
  2. This is the real problem.... It's a fact that most homeless (not all) are junkies. A New, Cheaper Form of Meth Is Wreaking Havoc on America - The Atlantic
  3. Yes he did, because it was not a law that could be upheld. So yes for that you are correct. My point is and was if the DA had gone for manslaughter charges with Rittenhouse he very well could have got a conviction, but nooo, he had to go for murder charges.... Back to the OP. If the Georgia DA has half a brain, he'll go for manslaughter charges as intent for murder will be difficult to prove..
  4. Oh, we'll get change alright... Just might not be what we thought change would look like...
  5. RittenhouseJuryInstructions.pdf - Google Drive Sorry mate, just read it. The Jury can't and were not instructed to "come up with" other charges. The DA fucked this one up.
  6. Black people use that expression to them selves all the time. But yes, London to a brick the antagonists were probably white.
  7. You are getting regulatory bureaucracy for your $750B... Something the Chinse do have to contend with... We are a fat overweight rich guy in a pool of young strong men. We will be eaten eventually...
  8. "threw an object that impacted the car with a loud sound that made him think they might be shooting at him". This seems a little sketchy... But that said if the racist fuck knuckles were running him off the road, given the verbal and physical threat. Manslaughter possibly is an appropriate charge. If Rittenhouse had been charged with manslaughter he'd be in jail now but the idiot prosecutor had to go the full monty and fuck it up.
  9. OK a non-answer to a pretty specific question... The Chinese work they're people to death in many cases. They are unconcerned with basic industrial safety or work/life balance. Is that the kind of ingenuity we are looking for?
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