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  1. From the second paragraph... Man are you a sorry act these days. A bullshitter calling out other bullshitters bullshit... "That's not the way I saw it," Tom Manger told CNN, adding that everyone was “entitled” to their own opinion.
  2. Still talking about Trump, wow what a fall... TDS indeed. I do miss the old Sol.
  3. I've been here on and off for many moons. Sol used to be thoughtful and well respected by those on the right and left. His input was one of the reasons I hung around. At some point he just lost his shit and went full retard left, a commodity that this page has in vast supply whereas his old thoughtfulness is hard to come by. Pity really. I do miss the old Sol.
  4. $19 per foot for a 35 footer... Only $2 more than I pay in O-side and about the same as SD. Much cheaper than Newport. Seems like going rate... In case you hadn't realized it, yachting is expensive.
  5. Who do you know who thinks this way?
  6. DC/DC convertor is cheap and will solve all the problems you describe
  7. That's some fine journalism right there... But you guys go ahead and blather about something that might or may reportedly happen... Still got TDS even now...
  8. Just your run of the mill SA shit show... A classic for the ages. Love it.
  9. Well how the fuck did Joe manage it then.... Not a model of integrity, leadership or character.....
  10. Was never a "follower", I liked the policy not the man, there are plenty of references here of me disagreeing with DJT's behavior. No unlike many here, he lost the election and crazy uncle Joe is the president. Swapped dumb for dumber...
  11. IP is not policy it's property... (you're still hung up on what Trump would do?... still got TDS huh).
  12. Chauvin Trial will be found to be a mistrial because of idiot activist juror...
  13. Hmm, who owns the IP.... I'm pretty sure it's not Joe Biden. As such he has no grounds to give away anything... More problematic than that is if everyone has the formulation not everyone (particularly 3rd world nations and china) will not produce it correctly and create a vaccine that may not work (China's is only 50% effective) or worse cause other yet to be discovered heath issues... There are reasons to to leave things like this to the experts...
  14. Yeah I learned that the hard way... I use a 20 micron now. Catch the big bits...
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