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  1. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I like the tack line retrieval method in the vid. I'll try it out with my crew.
  2. I'm interested to know the best way to get these huge assos down in a blow. We seem to really struggle with it. Thanks.
  3. Haven't we seen this before in the Etchells fleet when "new boats" (post 1000?) had a consistently better keel position than pre 1000 boats but was "in spec"?
  4. Looks about right. Our A2.
  5. It's too much $$ for a project boat. I've be thinking closer to $10-13K and who know you might get it for that. But as others have said water in the core is the main problem. The decks can be fixed (many have) but if the hull itself is wet it's a much bigger issue. So how bad do you want a J-35? My Schock was a fixer (hull and deck were dry) and by the time I was done I could have got an OK but not as good as mine is now (if you don't count your labor).
  6. I do have a two way Tx/Rx to topline box for RS-232 communication. I'd be super interested on how you interfaced the polar tables! I can create the correct table format but are unsure which NMEA-0183 sentences to use to access the tables.
  7. Interesting to have the puck mounted to the bulkhead. I left the wire long and keep it in the nav cabinet.
  8. I don't have the HR performance module to download polars to. I'm going to work on getting the system to read the files from a PC.
  9. So this is what I ended up for the buoy racing setup. On the mast in descending order. Heading Boat speed True Wind Speed True Wind Angle Heel Angle Pitch Angle These are all parameter the crew can effect and important info for the downwind team. On the port bulk head True Wind Direction Apparent Wind Angle Heading On the Stbd bulk head Boat Speed VMG CMG These are more tactical and I like to drive upwind to apparent over true.
  10. I've always had a few rules for my boat purchases. 1: If you can't pay cash look, for a different boat. Having a mortgage or some other loan on a toy is insane. There are way more boats than buyers. 2: Don't buy more boat than you can comfortably afford to maintain and keep competitive. Nothing worse than seeing a really nice boat poorly maintained... These two rules have served me well over the years.
  11. The mythical perfect 35-37 footer... Fast and comfortable. to me the J109 is the best blend of both but that comes at a price. The 10R is a race boat with some accommodation. The forward mounted head would be a pain in the ass to use underway. The 36.7 gives up performance to comfort more than either of the 109 or 10R but they are nice and they are (relatively) fast. Best of all they are reasonably priced now they are a few years old. The down side is the plywood paneling and glued on carpet will be failing soon requiring an interior refit at some point... So it depends on what you
  12. Yeah you're right Sol, fuck the Doctors, nurses and scientists who have been the real heroes of 2020. Yeah fuck them right Sol... Joe and the Ho are the obvious choice...
  13. Thanks, this is the type of information I'm looking for. I always "drive the cloth" upwind and do use the telltales and windex to "check" my current instruments, they often don't agree... My real challenge is downwind speed/angle consistency some days I'm on it some not... I sort of stumbled into the NKE setup as I speak NMEA 0183 pretty well. I like the Idea of using the performance module mounted at the nav station.
  14. What data so you typically have up on the mast displays?
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