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  1. Eagle's Wings racing again, now out of St. Augustine, Florida.
  2. Hello, Is this the same sail referred to by IMR? Please contact me with details: [email protected] Thanks, Richard
  3. Very interesting information! I wonder how we could locate it?
  4. Eagle’s Wings Update, After a (too) long stay in New Bern/Beaufort NC, I was finally able to sail her down to her new home in St. Augustine, Florida. We lucked out with a great weather window and mostly sailed a broad reach the whole way. Some great spinnaker runs, and an awesome day with main and jib surfing almost constantly at 11-15 kts. This was with the awful aft superstructure with solar panels, two wind generators, and a dinghy! The very old and partially delaminated main got us all the way there, but with one side nearly completely separated and spaghetti hanging out. She’s
  5. I joined SA because the general comments about the J125 were interesting and informative. I was hoping for constructive ideas from actual J125 owners on how to maximize enjoyment of Eagle's Wings. It was great to see, for example, a recommendation for an improved rudder bearing, which I need to replace. Clearly, selling the boat (that I just bought and is still on the hard) to a committed racer for a complete makeover isn't what I had in mind. Enough said. Kiss and make up. Cheers!
  6. Thanks for the great story. Sad that I never got to meet Walter. Sounds like an amazing person. That was the former owner in Bequia, en route to Martinique, then the US. Cheers!
  7. Haha! Good eye! Looks like a bear away to duck without easing main. I’ll check out the rudder. Thanks! CarCrash: That’s the plan. Any suggestions? DrA
  8. OK, so I bought this boat. The old owner admitted he had converted a Ferrari into a Winnebago. I knew the boat from Grenada, where I had been living until Covid hit in March. She is in NC, and I'm planning to slowly sail back to Grenada, starting probably in November. If anyone wants a ride, do let me know. I flew down to move her to Beaufort for haul out and survey. The saildrive failed during the first hour, and I helped short tack out of a very narrow channel. When we got to more open water, I was able to sail, upwind at least, in 14+ kts. She was tender with no one on the rail
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