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  1. i have noticed a lot earlier, but never bothered to ask... i've asked a buddy who sails on Maxis and wasnt really satisfied with his answer, thats why i asked here. The explanation you give makes sense and was what i thought was the most likely reason, but it's directly opposed to one of the reasons they gave for installing the pedestals in the first place (avoid taking fuel to power hydraulics) which just had me wondering if they abandoned that idea
  2. Didnt know they were treated differently. Do you know if the handicap systems take Manual/hydraulic into account aswell?
  3. I noticed, that after Comanche was sold by the LDV guys to the new russian owners, the grinding pedestals were gone and now everything seems to be run on hydraulics. Anyone got an idea why they made that switch?
  4. Yup... that really pissed me off with my boat... got so bad that i just bought another sail (north vi7) and only use the KA when the conditions might be harmful to a sail or when the north is being repaired or isnt available
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