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  1. Is this photo taken with F-111?
  2. Lasershow - I am starting to make final checks of dimensions. I measure beam at each measuring station in drawings, at all 18 of them. Took lot of thinking how to get correct positions marked, but finally I think I found pretty good way. First I marked each station to steel wire and put it to centerline of boat. Then I use my laser which I line with wire to draw correct measurement positions. Bad explanation, but hopefully pictures make it clearer. Keel bolts line up nicely.
  3. I really don't know, but I managed to draw more pleasant sheer line to boat when i was 5.
  4. How else could they move trough water?
  5. Or just good old way with apertures on keel. Though I don't know if it is impossible to do such thing in modern narrow and tall keel.
  6. I use 35 mm film. Quite bombproof as long as you don't burn it. You can drop them as far as you want and they survive in water and extreme cold aswell. If I were pro (digital), I would use these Lacie Rugged SSD Pro, 2Tb is ~ 1000$ piece, but professional quality costs. IP67 and should survive 3 metre drop.
  7. That wasn´t my bike as I could not find picture. Now I found one sellers picture from when I bought it, here are answers that still apply: 1. Not these pedals anymore, I swapped them for carbon Shimano SPD-SL´s 2. That might have Arabesque with Dura-Ace ring, but this is full Shimano Arabesque set 3. Missing and yes they are Dia compe´s. I have pair in drawer, but havent installed them yet. 4. What, tuuubs are great, for some reason they have been much reliable for me. Or I just suck in tirework. 5. No idea of that, but this is Kashimax aero. Original saddle for this
  8. I think there might be thread "why is everyone still driving bikes desinged in 1930´s" as bikes used in UCI road bicycle racing are quite old fashioned. At least compared to TT bikes. Like I would know anything, my bike is one like this. Very nice, but handles like bar of jelly when going uphill or sprinting.
  9. Every wooden boat needs little bit of paint.
  10. I see, I have been misinformed. I have probably just seen way too many shoddy glassfibre repairs. I wonder how that sounds. Even in electric quitars wood does affect sound.
  11. My idea was that with basic wooden construction you dont need to make repair joints. Just replace whole plank. But yeah, it is splitting hairs as wooden construction is already full of joins. I did not know that. So lack of contuinity in fibres is not a issue, I would have thought that is the hard part. I think properly made carbon construction looks very nice.
  12. But there is still additional seam under repair that wasn't there originally. Right? Yes, it can be repaired, but it will never be as good as new. Either stenght is worse or it weighs more. Edit. Yeah, I know that even repaired carbon will beat wood in performance, but it is more about idea.
  13. You can find all those ads from google archieve of Popular Mechanics https://books.google.fi/books?id=D9QDAAAAMBAJ&printsec=frontcover&hl=fi&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false
  14. Ugly dodger and old colour was better, but impressive work anyway.
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