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  1. Just picture of what I am doing right now. Tuning wood to chips.
  2. I think Heuer Skipper is coolest of them all, I would like to have one someday.
  3. Shed is old root cellar so temperature will stay quite low even during summer also humidity should be somewhat stable. Summers are more humid than winters in Finland so I already have seen "worst". Boat itself has been out of water since 2006 so hull was dry already. Interesting bit in this boat is that it seems to be glued, seems to have been common way when building "ultralight" sailingboats in 1950´s and 60´s. It is interesting to see how little mahogany "lives" in finnish climate as there are very few cracks. Anyway current plan is to spline boat. Reason to this is that these boats we
  4. It will take a time. Think all the polishing that can be done to deck hardware.
  5. Some time has passed, some progress has been made. All frames from stern to point where rudder goes trough keel are now removed, repaired and cleaned. I cannot repair frames near rudder because someone had made bad repair without holes for frames in keel. So I need to replace part of keel before I can continue. But anyway I can now start fitting of beam shelf, so I can continue by making deck frames. I need to do them before I can continue repairwork in keel as in current shape boat does not have required stiffness for major disassembly of keel. Can you guess purpose of this
  6. Seems that many IOR boats had beautiful paitschemes. At least in Finland it seems like that only allowed colour today is plain white.
  7. Not dangerous enough to get tough guy points.
  8. Luckily we do not have large sea animals here so this is worst that I have had to happen.
  9. Few years ago I swam 25 minutes in such water trying ( and succeeding ) to save snipe that was going to run aground in low water. I have to say that that was my limit for being to able actually do something in water. At the end even swimming 50 meters was chore as waves were pretty high. Needless to say it took hours to warm up.
  10. Planning to make one, also I am going to carve information about boat´s identity to some place it is hard to remove. Just to make sure that it will never be "oh, it is just some old sailboat" and end up being in midsummer bonfire (if such things even exist in 100 years, they might be banned because co2 they release (hope not)). Slow progress, but soon it is time to make new beam shelf at rear part of hull.
  11. Interesting that they used glue with plugs and not varnish.
  12. These things were common in lighthouses aswell. Soviets wanted easy way to reduce manpower needed for servicing lighthouses, what would be better way than placing radioactive battery in decaying lighthouse.
  13. I would guess that it applies only to American bears, European bears corner better.
  14. I would also quess that it was largest movable structure. As these things are pretty large:
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