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  1. So is it a new "Variant" or a new "Strain"? From what I've read the mutations are focused on the spike protein. Unfortunately the mRNA vaccines also only focus on that protein. Whereas the natural immunity response has a wider focus. You also forget that the Pzifer vaccine WASN'T tested on Delta. So it is already suboptimal for that spike protein.
  2. Well that's where we may differ. I don't agree with his agenda.
  3. Your point is? Are you saying he is more interested in what he can earn than winning I think you are wrong. They are not mutually exclusive objectives.
  4. You are vaccinated so the sooner you get Delta the better. It is apparent now that those populations that have high levels of natural immunity e.g. Sweden and India are not experiencing big surges in infections now. Natural infection offers better and longer lasting immunity to all variants. Vaccination lessens the severity and reduces mortality and when combined with natural infection the body has a robust immune response.
  5. Classic. Your response highlights you are in fact what you detest. I forget what mental disorder that is.
  6. Neither are you and I sense you are avoiding the point.
  7. They never supported either narrative because the data collected doesn't support them.
  8. Who's denying anything. You got it and survived so it must be real. The question that is being debated is the magnitude of the problem. The statistics being quoted have not changed in definition however they no longer support the previous narrative.
  9. That chart states that they showed up with COVID but it doesn't say they were being admitted for COVID. But that's been the same for the entire pandemic I.e. actual Covid cases and deaths have always been overstated in the UK and in any other country that uses the same criteria. Now that it doesn't suit the narrative changes but the way the stats are recorded hasn't. How would we know when as you quite rightly point out the UK statistics don't account for underlying comorbidities e.g. gun shot wounds. So it is agreed that the recorded UK Covid case, ICU admission a
  10. Born in Wellington, NZ. Educated at Canterbury University, Christchurch, NZ. Yeah Na - born a Kiwi, always a Kiwi.
  11. A New Zealander by the name of Bill Pickering as a Director at NASA was very influential and a major contributor to the space exploration programme from the 50's through to the 70's.
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