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  1. Only cost $150 billion or $30,000 for every man, woman and child in NZ. The growth figures you quote are Robertson's (Finance Minister) fantasy which will be negated by inflation. So what is the plan for getting out of the rabbit hole? How many Covid-19 deaths will be acceptable? 600 a year like influenza?
  2. So it's taken 4 months to displace the previous dominant variant in the USA. That's what viruses do. @TheDragon being the self-proclaimed Covid-19 expert can you explain why the Delta (India) variant doesn't seem to he as transmissible in India?
  3. Why would it be obvious? No vaccine has completed full Phase 3 trials nor had final approval. Yet you infer that the Emergency Use Approval should be extended to children? That isn't how the system is supposed to work. Children are at low risk from Covid-19. There is a mountain of research proving that even from Sweden which allowed their children to continue to be schooled during the peak of their pandemic. It is even evident in the data from the UK. Children and young adolescents have a different physiology to Adults. Their bodies and body systems are still developing e.g.
  4. Not even @jack_sparrow edited original quotes to mislead as much as Captain Goodvibes aka @random.. Plus Wacko Jacko never, as far as I can recall, abused @EYESAILOR.
  5. There were 3,458 cases of Whooping Cough reported in Australia in 2020. https://vaccinehub.com.au/disease/whooping-cough
  6. I agree with most of what you have said. If people have had ample opportunity to get vaccinated and haven't then so be it. The emphasis should be on vaccinating the vulnerable and at risk. I don't believe we should vaccinate children under 16 just so a target percentage vaccination for the community can be reached. I think the universal lockdown approach has been wrong and it is a damn hard rabbit hole to get out of. I suspect Sweden may have a third wave starting in September but at the moment they seem to have some level of herd immunity. The immunity has been gained na
  7. Not in terms of loss of quality life years. There is a lot of research emerging now that shows the one dimensional focus on one disease is increasing the risk of others. The WHO estimates that at least 60 million children have been put at increased risk due to the break down in the annual vaccination programmes for a number of diseases that children are more at risk than adults and indeed Covid-19.
  8. That's not correct. There were 18,000 cases in the USA in 2019. So no it is not correct to say infants are not at zero risk that's why they get vaccinated. The vaccine was developed in 1948 and the disease is yet to be eradicated. Contrary to what many believe Polio hasn't been eradicated either.
  9. Only if you see vaccination as the only pathway to herd immunity. Sweden is showing signs of having herd immunity with comparatively low rates of vaccination. Many have had a mild infection of Covid-19.
  10. But not the ENTIRE population in a mass vaccination programme nor as an eradication objective. Those that are most vulnerable are the infants. Pertussis-containing vaccines are only available in Australia as combination vaccines that include other antigens such as diphtheria and tetanus. Pertussis-containing vaccines are recommended for children at 2, 4, 6 and 18 months, and 4 years of age, and adolescents at 11–13 years of age. Pertussis-containing vaccines are recommended for adults at ages 50 years and 65 years. Vaccination of pregnant women is recommended during each p
  11. Babies are vaccinated because the whooping cough disease affects them the most. Same with Polio. The norm is not to unnecessarily vaccinate a cohort of the population if the are not at risk from the disease. Will Governments now give free vaccinations to ALL age groups rather than just those that are at risk or are vulnerable? The economic burden of doing that for influenza and indeed doing it for Covid-19, especially if regular boosters are required, will be beyond most Governments. Children have very mild cases of Covid-19 which is no different to what the vaccinatio
  12. But it is very unlikely that you will change your view because you can't change the fact that you have been vaccinated.
  13. Perhaps because they are at less risk? Up to February 2021 470,000 under 18's had caught Covid-19. 61 of the 3,100 that died from all causes tested positive to Covid-19. Researchers have concluded that on 25 were actually caused by Covid-19 and of those 25 nineteen (19) had a serious preexisting health condition. So that is an IFR of 0.005% i.e. 99.995% survive!
  14. Obviously a better school than you. The caricature is first named Captain Goodvibes - "Pig of Steel" is actually an alias which for obvious reasons appeals to your warped view of life. But eh don't let the truth get in the way of your fantasy and fiction!
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