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  1. Assuming you still live in the state of your esteemed university 75% of the Illinois over 65's have been vaccinated. I guess that might explain why even though case numbers are increasing (not surging) fatalities are still declining. That is misinformation. You use of the term "effectively vaccinated" is misleading and ambiguous. Not particularly "following the science" is it? You presumably still have full and free access to the latest journal publications. I suggest you do a search on the effectiveness of deferment of the Pzifer and Moderna second doses. There is ample evid
  2. Have you read the evidence based research that has actually looked at deferment and has concluded that it actually INCREASES susceptibility to Covid-19 illness?
  3. Defer the second dose of what vaccine? As you well know France have halted the AZ vaccination program so the decision to defer is likely to be a sub-optimal approach to trying to maintain the pace of vaccination.
  4. So you have switched modes from your "all is good I've been vaccinated mode to your doom and gloom mode"? Did you get your science degree out of a Cheerio packet or did you just miss the biometrics lectures? In terms of being wrong you are well ahead in that race. I see you have dropped your Next Strain data as it shows alternative scenarios. But if B1.1.7 is MORE infectious how do you explain the differences in CASE number growth rates between States? How do you explain the fact that over the last 3 months the rate of case numbers has declined considerably NOT increased? Of cour
  5. But isn't it the so called "health experts following the science" that are giving the advice and making the calls? Funny how some seem to cherry pick what they agree with from the same experts. Driven by self-interest perchance?
  6. Interesting so you'd advocate not vaccinating children on that statistical basis?
  7. Can you explain why the data in this article doesn't match the latest data on the source website? The article quotes sources from the Brazil ICU Project. http://www.utisbrasileiras.com.br/en/covid-19/benchmarking-covid-19/
  8. What criteria are you using to measure lockdown success? They may suppress transmission short term but not alter the final outcome of the pandemic.
  9. "Common people" - I guess that discloses something about your prejudices. If you are thinking that vaccine distribution and delivery is occurring in an egalitarian way throughout the world then you are in cuckoo land. I'm glad you feel the pain although it would be nowhere near the pain of those affected. But arguably a lot of that pain and economic disaster was unnecessary to achieve the result that was achieved. You only have to compare New York, New Jersey and California with Florida and to a lesser degree Texas. Or even compare the UK to Sweden for that matter.
  10. Ditto. The concept of suppressing transmission was developed as part of pandemic planning NOT to buy time to develop a vaccine but to prevent health systems from being overwhelmed. There was also a linked strategy of protecting those of the population who were the most vulnerable. However subsequent narratives such as yours have either through ignorance or some other motivation overlooked that. How could the suppression strategy be based on vaccine development when the previous record for time to deployment was FOUR years?! As it is the normal vaccine approval process has been overrid
  11. Again you are like D'Ranged in that you either don't understand or don't read the information you cite. At the time of citing your reference https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.03.24.21254046v1.full wasn't peer reviewed and it still isn't. The paper itself isn't particularly conclusive in any of its findings. To quote from the paper: The reasons for the sudden rise in CFR are not entirely clear. While in the current SARS-CoV-2 surge across Brazil an increased number of cases in younger individuals appears clearly from epidemiologic data, it is difficult to distingu
  12. They still kept sending their children to school and saved their lives. As for "the shit show" don't let facts get in the way of your narrative. Sweden has managed the pandemic with less draconian methods than most and is considerably better off than many particularly over the long term. 75% of those who have died were older than the average life expectancy of 81! For 34 months of the pandemic Sweden has had negative excess deaths. I guess we will drop the excess death measure now that it doesn't suit the narrative. How do you explain those who "did something" and hav
  13. Can you post some peer reviewed evidence based research to back that up? Or are you just reading headlines?
  14. Obviously you still believe that Government intervention can make a difference to the path and trajectory of Covid-19? Even though evidence suggests otherwise.
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