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  1. If my rather sketchy memory serves me alright there were some engine troubles in the pre start? But yes, I remember Alive and Enchantress both retired before or very soon after the start.
  2. After last years failed Hobart they took the boat up to Brisbane to compete in the Bris-Gladstone race, which they had to retire from. The boats been there since, until they took it to Sydney
  3. @Editor This thread is also a good place to shout out the skipper, Dr John Willoughby for his amazing volunteer work in the pacific islands through his charity Vision of Islands. https://vision-of-islands.org/ He was recently awarded an Order of Australia medal for his work, which is the "highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service." Absolute top bloke
  4. Welcome to Hobart, where we always know who's gonna win. I'll give you a hint, the name sounds like midnight rambler
  5. you haven't heard of FRS? Front rudder sailing, just like front wheel cars! I heard its the next america's cup challenge
  6. I still shudder at the thought of high level/professional opti racing. I couldn't imagine anything worse than the most spoilt and arrogant kids in the world being hounded by equally awful parents to sail a bathtub with a broomstick faster than the next kid. For fucks sake, when can we get rid of this boat for anything other than learning to sail.
  7. Honestly, the time lost by just hoisting the jib, rigging the new kite in the bag ready to go, dropping the old kite, hoisting the new one is not going to be significantly more than peeling, especially offshore imo. The potential for fuckups with peeling big A2's wouldn't be small either. The most we peel is from a Fr0 to an A2/A3, and even that can be tricky with running lines to make sure nothing goes bad...
  8. Uhhhhh who hit who with the what? any more info?
  9. very... 40+ knots with 2 reefs and a no.3, green water back to the helm.
  10. 12.1 in a Laser 4.7 17.6 in a Farr 1104 35.1 in a RP66
  11. Fuck me, thats a pretty funky looking bowsprit attachment point. Seems cheap too for what looks like a pretty quick boat... https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/used/sailing-boats/murray-burns-dovell-41/269097
  12. Compared to modern proto's or even series boats this thing would be absolutely no match anyway, but its still a shame to see it rotting away...
  13. I don't know how familiar you are with the mini650 class, but they really do get up and go. I guess that the keel drops down much further, and is canted with blocks and lines, as is standard for the prototype class.
  14. And it sleeps a whopping two people, if they snuggle up on a spinnaker bag!!! pretty much a classic cruiser if you think about it
  15. https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2009-transat-mini-prototype/SSE-AD-7469367/?Cr=6 Shit like this is hard to see. Was last listed around a year ago in WA for less than 17,000, now for sale in Vic in a worse state for $2k more. I doubt it even still floats. And to top it off they reckon its a "weekend cruiser"...
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