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  1. Overall leader in the Laser Radials has been DQ'ed from race 10! Little bit of excitement in boring conditions
  2. I agree that it looses a bit of the spirit of offshore sailing, but purely in a speed context (which is of course the goal) hydraulics lets you trim the main as aggressively as you want, with less people (no gorilla sized grinders, less weight), which makes a lot of difference...
  3. Always a shame to see an objectively cool boat like that be in need of TLC. To be back racing surely it would need at least $50k+ of bits and bobs, without even buying new sails etc.
  4. It's not plaining is it? Does it only happen above a certain speed like 6 knots or so?
  5. So does that mean that boats with hydraulic winches and rams for masts etc. are fucked?
  6. Pressure issue, with the keel at max cant. So then because we needed to tack, we half jokingly tried to roll tack with the keel loose (to try and have the correct cant on the new tack) which only succeeded in what could be called the worlds fastest oil change. At least the oil smells nice...
  7. it might have been, it sure is sexy. And remarkably easy to sail, at least in delivery mode. Hydraulics are a godsend, at least while they work
  8. Fintho

    Open 35

    I went down this rabbit hole as well, I believe this boat was the one-off prototype to try and gather momentum to create an open 35 class, along the same lines as the existing open classes. From what I read though, it didn't take off, hence being for sale so cheap. Personally I don't see the advantage of this boat 'class' compared to the mega classes of Classe 40 and Classe Figaro, especially in europe.
  9. I've recently done 1000nm+ delivery on a quite quick 66 foot racer, and even at a calm 20knt downwind surfing tack being down below is not easy, and trying to get changed or fix equipment at 25+ knots of boat speed takes some serious foresight. I couldn't imagine trying to run a whole boat like that by myself in a southern ocean storm for half a week, so much to do! Then again, the French have always been a bit nuts haven't they
  10. Fuck I hate remembering that all the decisions in our sport depend on one selfish bastard's latest fad
  11. Yet still captivated me enough to root for him, albeit not for the win. He just seems so likeable, and seems to really have fun out in the middle of nowhere, compared to someone like Alex who just seems miserable. Same with Boris, who actually made videos that were watchable for someone who doesn't speak good French
  12. Surely a boat like Yeah Baby ( https://www.raceyachts.com.au/our-yachts/hugh-welbourn-designed-yacht-for-sale/ ) is a much better deal. And cheaper! Crazy
  13. My guess is that there is a problem with the 'flip-up' system of the rudder in question, ie. he hit a ufo, took the rudder out and the force of the impact also broke the mount. I think its a lot more complicated than just dropping a new rudder in, even if he is carrying one onboard (which face it, he would be).
  14. To be fair, even the fully crewed 100andsomething foot J-Class boats get it wrong, if anything it'd make the start interesting now that there's only two supermaxis. Also every time I see this a little bit of my soul dies inside of me
  15. Fingers crossed I can make it work! Maybe I need to find a hot girlfriend with huge knockers and set up a patreon and see you over on that page in cruising anarchy. Or I put in some hard work and get it done myself. I think most employers can see the hard work a sailor needs, and how those sorts of skills can be transferrable to the workplace. Regardless, cheers for your thoughts
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