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  1. I desperately want to get something 30ish foot and race the hell out of it offshore and shorthanded, but its so expensive that unless im making more than 70k a year its not gonna work out. But hey, I'm only 20, still got a bit to go hopefully
  2. I suggest either destroy the evidence or plead with the insurance company
  3. There was a chance I was doing the delivery home for an SA yacht, seeming more and more unlikely now unfortunately. Ah well, maybe someone needs help getting back to the east coast then
  4. how could I forget one of my bucket list races. Stupid me. Sydney to Auckland would be sweet, as long as its in summer though
  5. I agree, but then there are almost no true 'ocean races' that are achievable for an amateur, Transpac I guess but not much else springs to mind.
  6. Another big(ish) knock for Boris Herrmann, coincides with a drop in temperature and big changes in heel, wind angle and boat angle. Could be squalls maybe?
  7. Real questions we need the skippers to answer, how do they take their porn with them? How good is there internet sponsor? How can you do it on a boat that's moving at 30 knots in a sea state? WE NEED ANSWERS
  8. If there are any fellow Germans out there, this is pretty damn cute. Was given to him by school kids from Hamburg in 2009, and is the oldest thing on the boat other than himself. For english speakers, he essentially talks about being woken up by the sun shining through and how loud and rough the night was.
  9. That's true. I just wish that the financial bar in terms of entry and yacht type was a bit lower. Really limits the amount and type of competitors that it can attract.
  10. Also a shame that you're not allowed to race anything less than 30ft, especially two up. There aren't many competitive boats that are actually designed for shorthanded racing that are that big, unless you're ready to spend mortgage kind or money. Why should a mini650 not be able to race across the Bass Strait, if they're Cat 1 safe and built to sail across the Atlantic. Seems like a missed opportunity to lower the bar for entry and shake things up a bit more.
  11. Its definitely interesting, hopefully we'll hear something in the next round of updates when Europe wakes up. Boris is definitely topping this race in terms of community engagement (English speaking at least), closely followed by Pip Hare too. Who cares how much batman is sleeping or how much baby food he ate, I much prefer this sort of data .
  12. Appears that Boris Herrmann on SeaExplorer Yacht Club de Monaco had a crash gybe or a strange gust of wind earlier today. Windspeed consistent but massive angle change or the wind and boat as well as a total loss of force on the runners, outriggers and foils, as well as a dip in boat speed. Hope everything is okay!
  13. IIRC they're running a 2 handed div from this edition onwards, although times won't count towards the Overall Trophy because the old farts at the CYCA are too afraid of Autopilots, even though competing two up is arguably more difficult that fully crewed
  14. I think 1998 would beg to differ. Although the Launceston Hobart is definitely a coastal classic
  15. I don't think that's debateable at all, its the jewel in the crown of Australian yachting. Better without multihulls anyway And in terms of other races, Vendee Globe, Trophée Jules Verne and 'The Ocean Race' (ex. Volvo/Whitbread), the Mini Transat and La Solitaire du Figaro should all be up there in my eyes.
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