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  1. Both NZ and AUS actually have some tech advantages as well as disadvantages such as distance. Being more remote from tech hubs inspires innovative thinking, although many successful ideas get gobbled up by big companies.
  2. Very cool software, I've asked SumToZero what they might charge an amateur hobbyist for access to Gomboc!
  3. From the commentary, it sounded like both AUS and USA had some rudder issues. I wonder if the changes made to the rudder system - where they now also tilt up for easier onshore storage etc - are causing some jamming at times?
  4. This is somewhat off topic, but for anyone interested in design, Niall has a great interview with yacht designer Juan Kouyoumdjian about the development of foils (and hulls) for the IMOCAs. Fascinating!
  5. In half a second JR would have been ~5m ahead... or JS 5m further windward... or.... In which case we'd probably be calling it a brilliant ballsy start. If umpires are going to start handing out black flags for such fast boats in such tight situations as this, what's next? A penalty to the back of the fleet should have been sufficient. The starting area seems ridiculously small for this many boats of this size and speed. Just my two bobs worth.
  6. Seems like JPN may have some tech probs. They're not only losing the starts badly, but also not making any gains during the races. Something is amiss?
  7. My understanding is that the graphics we're seeing are not 100% accurate.
  8. Has there been any news about the extra wing segment, increasing the wing's height from 24m to 29m?
  9. Thanks! 8 wins in 11 races, impressive. Hope TS and the team are back on track at Plymouth.
  10. Thanks. A new wardrobe might account for the edge that Akzo observed.
  11. Been wondering the same. Akzo has been in sight of Mirpuri frequently, so I don't think it would be a different sail combo. Older vs newer sails? Maybe minor variations in sail settings but it just doesn't seem very likely. I don't know if there could be any minor diffs in the foils either.
  12. Ha, you're right - I don't know the Med!
  13. Childhood has worked their way North East into better breeze, leaving the German team behind. Down South, nothing but worse news ahead for the rest of the fleet, wind is even lighter.
  14. Guillaume Verdier has designed a new boat for 11th Hour, sounds like it's close to complete: https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2021/06/10/new-boat-near-for-11th-hour-racing/ Looking forward to seeing what design changes have been implemented. Wonder how long before the IMCOA class allows rudder foils. Seems like a logical development advance to me. Computer-aided control systems plus stern foils might then somewhat reduce some of the savage slamming they encounter
  15. OK thanks furler, can't get a better interpretation than from the Race Director! His comments about a third class are interesting, sounds like it will give the German team a shot, and maybe other potential teams looking at a second hand non-foiler?
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