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  1. This Aussie lives in hope...
  2. I was really impressed with Nathan Outteridge and Team Japan, they had their boat humming, great battles with Tom Slingsby! Just re-watched all the races again, so many close ones!
  3. I tried searching for "The Ocean Race" as a Topic, seems this is it? But no posts since Aug 2019... am I in the wrong place ??? But just in case, a team from Mexico is entering:
  4. Some interesting - and humorous - snippets in this video:
  5. Does that mean the CoR can refuse to hold a CSS if they want to do so, regardless of how many other teams want to challenge?
  6. Thanks. Not the video I recall, which showed the entire take-off from the side, but good one nevertheless.
  7. Something that still puzzles me: Who (or how) decides on a One-on-One Match, versus a CSS?
  8. Only if ~50 years is considered "a new thing"? "From the first defence of the cup in 1870 until the twentieth defence in 1967, there was always only one challenger. In 1970 multiple challengers applied, so a selection series was held to decide which applicant would become the official challenger and compete in the America's Cup match. This approach has been used for each subsequent competition." - Wikipedia
  9. Yes, they are designed to disassemble and fit into standard 40' containers. Even the hulls have a removable bow section so they'll fit.
  10. I've been re-watching the 2019 races, and there were many that were more exciting than the AC36 races - frequent lead changes, 6 boats trying to get around a mark at the same time, tactics etc. These are boats that evolved from the AC35 cycle, and despite being a one design class now, they continue to develop. I'm looking forward to some races in strong wind, as they will be using the new wingsail - one section can be removed to reduce the 24m high rig to 18m. In these circumstances we should see how the F50 handles foil cavitation at 50+ knots. I can see why they call the foil a "
  11. I suppose that the maximum power any sailing boat can use is determined by the ability to balance Heel with Righting Moment. Max. width of the F50 is 8.8m, but centre of lift from the foil is somewhat inboard, as is the "ballast" - the crew. Will have to work this out one day.
  12. Re-watching some of the action at Cowes in 2019. I'm wondering why the cats seem to lose so much speed through tacks, mark roundings etc, compared to the AC75s? See AUS go from 47 knots down to nearly 20. Wasn't the best rounding though, others kept speed up better, but generally the F50s seem slower to round than the AC75s?
  13. Yep! I recall someone (?) from ETNZ saying they were up to the 7th or 8th iteration of the flight controller, for example. This is not easy. As an ex-computer program developer, I'd look at a number of ways to help manage certain maneuvers, together with the flight controller. For example, for a flight controller to manage a gybe, there might be a sequence like this: Activate windward foil down, to same cant as leeward foil, but with zero lift flap preset. Switch "mode" to transfer lift between the foils Transfer lift during maneuver, even to the degree of extra l
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