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  1. Another Rules snippet: teams will have the option to use "cyclors" to compensate for the crew reduction from 11 to 8.
  2. Yes, I think you're on the right track. The AUS team is known to be quite aggressive in pushing their boat to the limit in stronger winds, but we could see GBR with a slightly higher speed than even the Aussies. So losing the starboard rudder foil was most likely the primary cause for the loss of control. However, if the crew had been able to depower both the wing and the jib, they may well have avoided the capsize. We saw this in an earlier race where AUS was sailing faster than other boats and leading to the first mark, when they lost rudder foil down force and did a big pitch down - bu
  3. There is a very complex relationship and balancing act between the forces acting on the F50. Basically, the main foil provides lift, and the windward rudder foil is providing down force to increase righting moment. In those high wind conditions, that rudder foil is adding around one tonne or more of down force - on a boat with an all up weight of around 3.5 tonnes! For fastest speed - which GBR was demonstrating at the time - the teams try to fly main and rudder foils as high as possible, without losing foils efficiency due to ventilation, or losing rudder control. That's a very fine line
  4. Final between the awkward "AUKUS".
  5. So if ESP had actually hit another boat, it should have simply been a penalty? Coz, you know, that's not "very dangerous".
  6. If that had been Robertson instead of Ainsley in that barge, the commentators would have been outraged?
  7. 29.4m wing, that's not much under 100' - big bugger. Interesting that the jib is contributing 15-20% to power, but I'd assume part of that is the amount they complement the wing.
  8. Yeah, they're the rules unfortunately. Someone sabotaging the Aussie boat? Again... more boat probs.
  9. What time is the first race?
  10. No doubt you're right, I've only been around here less than a year. When I began participating in this forum, I made myself 3 rules: Rule 1. Don't join in on arguments Rule 2. Don't down vote other posters Rule 3. Don't put other posters on the 'Ignore' list. I've only broken Rule 3 once previously; 4someone who was not only vexatious, but posted excessively, unable to quit any argument. Broke Rules 1 and 2 yesterday though, over the inflammatory "bullying" posts. But today's another day, just thinking of projects to occupy myself with, after hearing that Regional
  11. Given the "Abbreviated Rules" linked at the top of the page, this probably won't happen again. Fair enough, it's their forum, so 'It is what it is.'
  12. Wondered how any poster here could possibly end up with negative votes, but given your past few comments, I now understand.
  13. Trying to figure out just what they were doing at that moment! Astonishing bend on the rudder... maybe in a high speed tack or gybe?
  14. Note that SailGP started with a 4 segment (all-purpose) 24m wing, then removed a segment which became the 3 segment (strong wind) 18m wing. The 24m wing is now a "moderate wind" wing, as they have been testing a new "light wind" 5 segment wing, but I gather they were not yet production-ready for Aarhus. IIRC, in a video produced about the design and build of the wings, it was mentioned that it takes as long to build a wing as it does a boat. Perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration, but they certainly are a complex bit of kit. For this season, rope &/or wire was fully replaced b
  15. Allow umpires to exercise "leeway" with the Rules, and I think you'd open Pandora's Box. I've seen BA in races from years past; if positions had been reversed, I very much doubt he'd knock back that opportunity to force a penalty if he could.
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