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  1. My wife and I spent a few weeks in China in 2019 and I'd have to agree. The speed of modernisation was staggering and places like Shanghai and Beijing were world-class in terms of infrastructure. The population were friendly and helpful and younger people were pretty much the same as young people anywhere. Ignoring the high level politics, we very much enjoyed our stay and were impressed. Not at all like the China that most people imagine.
  2. Like a mill pond in Coromandel - almost no cloud movement at all. Fingers crossed....
  3. Interesting! On the outer edge of Coromandel Harbour, it's been constantly blowing over 10 knots for the last 2-3 hours. Anything can happen all right!
  4. Same on the west coast of the Coromandel Peninsula. Clouds hardly moving from the n-e.
  5. I think that's pretty much right on the money where a single powerful person calling the shots is less likely to listen to the wise counsel of other well-informed people. Even Michael Fay showed some of these traits. However, Kiwis in general tend to work for the collective good, no matter what field of endeavour.
  6. I'm UK police roadcraft trained with the NZ Institute of Advanced Motorists (http://iam.org.nz/). Best thing I ever did to raise my skillset. Funnily enough I've just taken a Pokeno-domiciled ambulance officer for his advanced motorcycle test.
  7. Sailing, flying and riding motorcycles all pretty much use the same situational awareness skill set. Do yourself a real favour and get some high quality training so that you can avoid sucking hospital food through a straw .
  8. 74 this year but trying to grow old disgracefully. Depending on who you talk to, I could be a grumpy bugger or if it's my wife, she'll tell you that it's like living with a 5 year old
  9. Absolutely! There's no point in GD disclosing the strategy behind it all, that's a zero-sum game for NZ as a whole. I think we can all agree that he's not stupid and is a proud New Zealander. That surely means there's far more to it than meets the eye.
  10. Went for a 500 km ride on my motorcycle. Nice to be clear of all the whining and back-biting
  11. Absolutely! The common theme for me, whether it be with the media or a bit less so with the younger generation is their penchant for over-complicating things and banging on ad infinitum when there's usually a more straightforward answer. Come to think of it, a bit like this forum
  12. I suspect that it's a mixture of clickbait and over-thinking the position. GD is a fiercely proud Kiwi with a ton of smarts and so are the rest of the movers and shakers in ETNZ. He's quite correct not to share motives and strategy as that will reduce leverage. He understands how much it means emotionally to the NZ public and financially to NZ business interests. I'd lay money that if and when it all comes out, there won't be anything which damages NZ in any way (subject to us actually winning the cup). It might well take a slightly different direction in terms of the lead-up though to g
  13. The majority are. Don't let the 4 or 5 loud-mouthed muppets speak for all Kiwis. Mind you, this is SA so it's highly likely that if you met them in person, they'd be nice people who would be happy to buy you a beer
  14. Sure is - makes me laugh every time I ride it. My 18 month review: https://geoffjames.blogspot.com/2020/09/the-ktm-790-at-18-months-progress-report.html
  15. I'd love to have a sailing dinghy again but at 73 with buggered knees, it's not a safe option. My wife and I both have kayaks though and a Stabicraft for fishing. My solo fun is a KTM 790 Duke motorcycle.
  16. They were great fun. I bought one for club events when I stopped sailing Paper Tigers. Photo taken in the mid-80's at Lake Ohakuri, along with our eldest son and his Starling.
  17. I'm on the other side of the peninsula at Coromandel harbour with a 10-12 knot easterly. It's been like that for a good couple of hours now.
  18. Not at all. It may ultimately end up in EB's paws but there's no advantage to making a sale at this point when ETNZ could have even more leverage later on. If they lose, it still has value.
  19. Agree with your comments. There may be multiple motives for the comment about moving back into displacement boats but there's one common factor among the financial backers and that's the desire to win. The desire to win will ALWAYS cost big bucks because people are willing to spend that money to be a winner (acknowledging that the biggest spender doesn't necessarily equate to the winning boat). Look any class of motor racing you care to name as just one example. The cost of soccer is another example. Once the genie is out of the bottle in terms of performance and spectacle, there's no going
  20. Is it just me or is AM the only boat where the wheel shakes when Dean puts pressure on it? If you look at his hands, it's like he has the shakes. Could cavitation or some other factor be causing that? Haven't seen that on any of the other boats.
  21. Yep, Great Mercury Island. Sometimes see him in one of the Whitianga cafes. Always on the phone, never chilling.
  22. Thanks for that! Mine was September Warrior 2361. Foam and kevlar hulls with a mylar sail. I see my name as the original owner which is correct and that I sold it to Bill Astwood of Ohope which was back (I think) in 89. Probably hard to track on-going ownership as I last saw it on the hard at Hobsonville Yacht Club a couple of years ago. It still looked in good nick. Just out of interest, the hulls of 2351 in the photo were built from a stand of redwoods which were logged in the central north island. Milled into planks and laid up on a jig, then covered in Dynal.
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