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  1. Maybe Try Tasars? They do well heavy weather and its high (ish) performance and mixed crews.
  2. I wanna say 420's club rigginged or with kites? There self draining easy to rig and gives the kids an idea of racing and other learning, Plus theres shit tonnes of them laying around doing fuck all.
  3. Ok its has broken yet, its just got the bubbles starting to appear.
  4. Ok fair enough, I'll use it till its blown i've got another main thats good.
  5. Hi guys, I've got a hold of a 49er main and its slightly delaminated, Just wondering if there is anything i can do before it breaks down completely? Thanks.
  6. whats the race/race video link to the race of the 49er FX windy race, Thanks-Roy
  7. Thanks, yeah i did but as i mentioned it only covered a very specific wind speed for the setup.
  8. Ok thanks, No clue what caps are but im sure i'll figure it out. Thanks your a legend
  9. Hey @JulianB Do you have a rig tuning guide for the alloy rig that has all the conditions for sailing as the old style owners manual only has conditions from 12-14 knots? Thank so much.
  10. Any of the clips of the carnage from the FX fleet?
  11. Hi, I have heard the news about the new trapeze harness hook changes, My harness runs on a square hook which is fixed, Are there any square hook quick releases that work? Im sure im not the only one that uses this type of hook. Cheers-Roy
  12. I wanna say gorge? Maybe somewhere in scotland?
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