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  1. Also i have a krywood if that makes any difference to the link Is there a way of expanding the chute without moving forestay?
  2. i agree, I hope to go to the olympics one day yet im already 80+ and im not out of my teens yet.
  3. top guys use 1 ratchet on the jib now, to get the perfect angle.
  4. Is it possible to convert a smaller chute to a more modern bigger chute (i know it is but how cost efficient can I be with conversion)? Thanks got an old boat kites hard to pull down.
  5. Do you guys have any 5o5 breakages?
  6. thanks, im looking to make a compilation of all demasting and gear failure compilation so people as bored as me can watch.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if you guys could send me broken mast / demasting/ broken boats accidents videos. I'd like to see the worst accidents while dinghy sailing. Thanks
  8. I know this sounds dumb but could it be that they put the track the wrong way around?
  9. Our mast is 46 years old and has lots of holes in it from spi pole blocks, On a 5o5 it should not weaken the mast much especially if you have tweakers on your mast then you will not snap it, just make sure your rigging is all ways looking good and don't turtle in shallow waters.
  10. Probably for mast bend? Because you wanna have the main up all the way and it just makes it easier to pull up because of friction?
  11. I meant like shops that sell old 420 gear thats new
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