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  1. People need to make their own decision. I was in Cabo just last week and it’s apparent they’re taking it quite seriously. All the restaurants around the marina were open with substantially thinned out seating (tables spread apart), they all have hand washing stations at the entries and EVERY place you go takes your temperature. COVID testing is easy and cheap ($33) at the AMC clinic. In my opinion, People can choose to either stay at home and wait for the government to say it’s safe to go outside, or simply be smart and sensible, live life and have some fun. Why not go sailing to Mexico?
  2. As the last charterer of Mirage from spring ‘17 to summer ‘18 I can verify that Mirage is a GREAT boat. Prior to the charter the rig and hull were surveyed (out of the water), some minor repairs were recommended and made and we went sailing and had a blast. The engine was checked, repaired and maintained as were the electronics and winches. From what I was told by those in the know, the boat has been maintained well for at least a decade prior to my getting involved. The sails on the boat are fine to get you around the course and the interior is original and in great shape. So what’s wron
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