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  1. Me, I'd rather install an isolation transformer.
  2. Personally, I think that you'd want to develop a lot of expertise, on this and any other critical systems, before you did much more than day sailing.
  3. I see from the catalog that they're adding a dual control. That means I no longer have to worry about jury-rigging one.
  4. What I'd envision, in the inside of the hull, is something like a mirror of the compensation block. A block shaped to match the hill, perhaps, in plywood, then glassed in, and covered with a backing plate. But is there a reason you couldn't shape the block with limber holes running through it?
  5. I've been thinking about putting Pod Drives on my Meadowlark. Some chasing around the web found me this: Electric Saildrive and Pod Boat Motors
  6. How do you calculate that? I've not found a good source for even simple rules of thumb as to how much power is required to push a displacement boat to a certain speed.
  7. My boat was designed to have two props, each driven by a 5HP gas engine. Someone replaced them with a single offset prop driven by a 27HP diesel. I've been thinking about replacing that with a pair of 6HP electric pods, placing the props exactly where the original props were. But then, my keel is rather unusual. The boat is almost a sharpie. It has a 4200 pound keel, but it's long and shallow. The boat only draws 20 inches with the boards up. I'd think, with regard to positioning, that your want to position the pod so as to put the prop where the original prop was, if there was
  8. DIY batteries from bare cells are usually smaller than the commercial offerings. And they're a lot less expensive. https://diysolarforum.com/forums/diy-lifepo4-battery-banks.22/
  9. Certainly, there are outside agitators. But the idea that they are right-wing extremists is simply wrong. Even in the story you cite, someone saw someone with a 3%er bumper sticker, committing no crime, and no violence. Meanwhile, Antifa is burning down police stations and a multitude of businesses, both large and small.
  10. Solid evidence? I'm in Minneapolis. I've seen the riots. And if there are right wing groups behind the violence, they're someplace else, because they've certainly not been here.
  11. There's a lot of work to be done, before it becomes the boat I want it to be, but it has promise. I'm 6'1", and I can just stand upright along the centerline. Of course, with an eight-foot beam, there's not much but centerline.
  12. There are, as I understand it, hundreds of L. Francis Herreshoff's original design in wood. I've been told that Allan Vaitses built about twenty of his version in fiberglass. An account of one: SV SkinnyDipper
  13. So, how about my Herreshoff/Vaitses Meadowlark? She's 37 feet overall, but only 8 foot beam, so she's trailerable without permits. She draws about 20 inches, with the leeboards up, and the masts are on tabernacles, and can be raised and lowered single-handed with nothing but the onboard winch and windlass. She's kinda odd looking, she won't win many races, and I'll not be crossing oceans with her, but she can get into places a lot of boats can't.
  14. Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling
  15. Anytime you do anything, there's always a first time. The secret is to do we much as you can to learn and prepare, first.
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