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  1. Boat pointed much better last night. We put 12 turns on the forestay turnbuckle to remove the slack (can still put 15 more). Helm felt more neutral and boat pointed so much better! We also kept top battens parallel to boom and trimmed the genoa so it was 2'' off spreaders and almost touching chainplates. Boat felt great! Now for the 2nd half of the summer series! Thanks to all of you that helped us out. Chris and Crew
  2. Thank you for all the input. We are committee boat tonight and next race is a week away. Will tighten up the foreguy and keep top batten of main parallel to the boom! Will keep you posted.
  3. North is the Genoa Sail Maker and it is one year old. Have about 1" total thread showing on I.D. of the Headstay turnbuckle. Upper Shroud Tension is 34 and Lower shroud is 31 on my Loos gauge.
  4. Genoa is a 150 and about 8" off spreader. There is lots of slop in the forestay. I used the R Johnstone set-up per J-Boats to try to get mast rake 13" behind base of mast on sea hood.
  5. Having issues with getting my 1983 FR J29 to point. Mast moved aft all the way. Forestay is almost at max length. Cant seem to point greater than 45 degrees and local boats are beating us to the mark. Wind is normally 6-10 and water smooth.
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