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  1. I was looking for a pic of my 970 at the 2015 Southampton boat show. No luck there, but found a reference to it being unpacked in early Sept, 2015 at Thornham Marina. Sure enough, there it is. Kinda cool.
  2. Well, it's a start. Four hooks installed in the inside of the header. 12 more to go, after I pull the tarp back inside a bit. 16x27 18oz flatbed machinery tarp. That's one heavy SOB. Meeting with builder buddy tomorrow to talk new shop at the other place. I only want to to string up this beast once or twice. Next time will be easier, however (rolled up vs folded).
  3. No extension for me. This may be temp (may be moving within the next few years). If so, a 40x60 ag building will be the first order of business. If, on the other hand, we stay where at, then I'll likely build a 25X45 addition on the end (with an east/west ridge, as opposed the the current N/S ridge)... if not both ends.
  4. Hi Eric! Yes, I need to order up a flatbed tarp for the rest. Will hook that heavy bastard to the inside of the door header, drape it out over the front/mast, and down towards the ground. Unfortunately, my shop is no longer secure, with the slider open, so I'll have to beef up the interior door (from cold storage side (boat side) to the insulated projects/gym side). Hands are blistered up today from all that trenching: After getting through the gravel, then the dry, rock hard, compacted clay underneath was a bear. Eventually water made the digging a bit easier.
  5. No such thing as a shop that is too big. However, the opposite is always true.
  6. Waiting for the Wind Gods to flip the switch. They did.
  7. Corsair grin and Corsair pucker. Wife actually took that pic. Her first day of actual sailing. She did not expect to be tacking every two minutes while we shot the narrows, but trial by fire. Sailed quite a bit the last two days. Figured a few things out. Got off the river almost in time yesterday. Once I started seeing 23 knots wind (knowing gust were going to be over 30), we called it. The Gorge is punchy and it was super punchy yesterday. Fixed the mast raising pivots (bimini pivots) by fab'n a spacer like other 970s have. That helped a ton. I need to build new triangles.
  8. Thanks Chuck. We spoke back in April. I ended up talking myself into a 970. Good luck with the sale. You have one clean 31UC!!
  9. Yea, not worth the hassle when the Scepter tank is so reasonable.
  10. Not Corsair Specific: Honda (Scepter) tanks are rotomolded. My orig tank has a wear hole in an upper corner. Only an issue when full, but an issue. Bought a replacement tank, but want to keep the orig tank on board as well (better than a gas can -Easier to swap out tanks than trying to fill from a can). There are plenty of kits available to repair rotomolded plastic. Anyone had success doing this with gas tank/can? There's a cost/benefit analysis to consider as well (a Scepter tank (the maker of the Honda tank and identical to the Honda tank) is only $65 (wish I would have known this bef
  11. Confession time: A week and half back we were in Hood River (windsurfing capital of the world...for a reason). Friends came by in their little monohull and wanted us to meet them out at Wells Island. Wind was up pretty good (forecast was for light winds all weekend....They lied), so only planned on motoring to the island (threading all the windsurfers and kiteboarders in the process). As a result, mistake #1, I did not have sails ready to deploy quickly. A mistake I will never make again. While motoring out of the marina, the outboard died. We were just outside the wind shadow of the ma
  12. Thanks all. I'm gonna run what I brung. Since a trailer sailor, it's nothing to do up the bowsprint and attach the furler. Once I'm on a slip, I may well do something along the lines as you're doing, Chris. Thanks!
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