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  1. 6 hours ago, 12 metre said:

    Fantastic looking resto so far.

    Definitely a Peterson 35 hull.  Deck and cabin definitely custom built.  Here is a blog from a previous owner who did a resto just 10 years ago. http://peterson35-blackheart.blogspot.com/2011/01/blackheart-peterson-35-salilboat.html

    Doesn't really matter which variant the hull is.  Minor mods to the original Cooper Ganbare hull that gave rise to the Martin built Peterson 35 MkII and MkIII variants.  But I believe the MkII and MkIII share the same hull - only the deck and cabin differed. Several custom home builds were done from hull & deck purchased from Martin.  I can think of at least 2 possibly 3.  My guess is Waylon was purchased as a hull only from Martin.

    Previous owners tried racing her for a couple of years but I think had a difficult time finding crew and seemed to give up on her.

    12 Meter,

    I've definitely taken a look through the blog, thanks for that, Wayne was great at documenting everything! Certainly to be commended some of the work that he did, In time I plan to record a similar blog about her current resto  - time always seems to be the enemy.  

    Yes, Waylon was purchased as a hull from cooper - it was built in a barn in langley by my dad and his friend Doug Brealey - launched in 74' my dad was the original owner and lived aboard in false creek for 5 years before marrying my mom. I was born in 91' so this is all way before my time. 

    I do plan to race her whenever I do not crew myself for 6's or much bigger boats.       

  2. 3 hours ago, SloopJonB said:

    Is this pic recent?

    I saw her in West Van a few years ago near the end of a restoration - some rotted deck being replaced and so forth.

    Did it deteriorate from that restoration to the zombie in this photo?



    There were some considerable efforts made to restore some aspects and change some interior layout. some rot was repaired well. other sections were missed. The hull had suffered a few impacts and patch repairs over the years that were showing her age. The decks are thin and even sanded through in some sections. A good from afar but far from the good scenario. The decks were covered in Cetol which apart from being ugly, is a slip and slide and not the best sealant. I've replaced more deck and rotted sub-framing. The decks are now covered in 8 coats of epoxy with a full sheet of S-glass and Uv topcoat with nonskid. 18" added to the rudder.  She's got a new boom with end sheeting, the rig is painted black. all new B&G electronics, new standing rigging, new running rigging, Lost all the cabin side winches - routed to the pit with new harken St's. I commend the efforts that were made in the past keeping her going, but at some point, she needed some real love. 

    All of my efforts is in trying to get my dad out on her without cringing at her appearance - as he only knew her in bristol condition.  


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  3. 2 hours ago, Schnick said:

    The white pic looks to be after considerable sanding, which Blackheart needed.  I agree, by far the best looking of these boats, I love that coachroof.


    The current gleaming paint and brightwork come out of Strait Marine.  Along with the no-fear-sized rudder that is now on her.  


    Going to be a very nice boat.


    That's right, the boat spent a considerable amount of time on the hard sanding. The bottom was taken back down to glass. It was a chemistry set under the waterline, 11 layers of paint over 3/16" of cole tar - Disgusting stuff!  The white pic is its return to the water for a quick dip to pull the rig.

    Nothing but good things to say about straight marine from my end!   

  4. My father was the original owner of WAYLON, later named Blackheart. 

    I know there was some contention over the years as to the make and model of Waylon, at one point it was registered as a 33' like Sitka. I've been assured she is a Pete 35, Ganbare. not a mkII. 

    I found her a couple of years ago and am in the final stages of reviving her from the zombie fleet, she now is named Waylon once again.

    I would love to hear stories of her earlier life, if anyone could comment. 





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