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  1. I Think yall are missing the point here. Each of you are desperately trying to poke holes in a one paragraph "rule" rather than add to its original intention. I did not claim to have all the answers but I most certainly do not agree with the way this is being taken so far. Used boats will be valued under the rule at their new price, but sold at whatever they feel like. (once again not a concreate rule just an idea, work with me people) I am not a fan of the trade out program for boats because then the boats would be a heap of shit. And at that point they would not be fast. I a
  2. I've got a new class idea. So most development classes try to limit costs by putting in restrictions for dimensions or minimum weights, but they seem to be largely ineffective. What if there was a class with no box at all but a maximum cost requirement? Say the boat could cost no more than 100k USD and could only have repair work done each year with a limit of 10k which would include sails and other consumables. Obviously, there would be a more concrete rule that would sure up most of the loopholes, but you get the idea. Let's find out what cheap speed really is through the best cruc
  3. As far as boat owners go, do you guys know anyone who wants an adventure?
  4. Thank you for that! We will make sure to get more data on each of us for that topic. Ill make sure to label as much as possible on whatever boat we get and make sure we know our rolls inside and out. You are completely right on the sleep deprivation part, I know that I can do the 20 min from previous experience, but I will need to gather more info on the team and do more training in that area.
  5. Hey guys I know its been a while, but I've been a little busy with school and getting this bit together with Sail Worlds David Schmidt. https://www.sail-world.com/news/233241/Team-Barely-Legal-Racings-plans-for-the-2021-R2AK
  6. Our 501c3 status should go live soon, Just one more step towards the end goal! That L7 looks interesting! I will keep in touch!
  7. Media is the name of the game. If you don't get attention you wont get sponsored.
  8. Yeah they have a few others in store as well. Im open to whatever I can get my hands on if it rates negative.
  9. Ive already submitted a proposal to them, just waiting for the reply!
  10. Also there are a few tris that look promising for taking just four people. But right now that is mostly determined by who I can figure out for sponsors.
  11. Right now Im in contact with a few people around here that could lead to several different options. For this time around, my first R2AK we are looking at the Schock or an XS 35. I know the XS is faster, but we have a much easier logistical time with the Schock and it is more at home with the crews experience. For the Cat we would take just four people. I will be looking to break the record in the future, but right now I just want to be competitive.
  12. Oh don't get me wrong the D35 would be an absolute monster on this course. But I am not shooting for a course record here, Im just looking for a shot at the top. I don't have the experience to sail a boat like that on the limit with nowhere to sleep. Around the buoys, you bet! But nothing like this. The reason I brought up the Seacart is because I could not find a faster boat in that size range that could fit the requirements. One of our crew members is a racer on Morticia and recommended the Seacart as a prime boat for this race. That was before we wanted to take six people.
  13. If you are going to insult me at least use proper punctuation, and for god sakes spell my three letter name right.
  14. That is a very interesting concept, I didn't like the idea of the M32 because it didn't have a cabin. I had not considered the possibility of using a taller rig on the SeaCart. Do you know of any multihulls in the 40 foot range that would fit that requirement and be able to beat a SeaCart?
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