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  1. It is interesting how people who love to make this argument against anything electric, somehow always compare just the fuel used by the ICE option after it is built to the total carbon impact of building and running the EV option. Like there isn't also a carbon impact of building an ICE, not to mention the impact of the infrastructure to allow running it. There are many reasons not to choose an EV option today, overall carbon impact is not one of them.
  2. Kudos to the people on this thread that predicted this would happen. I think even them didn't think it would happen this fast! https://electrek.co/2021/01/27/vw-solar-electric-yacht-meb-platform-cupra-design-silent-yachts/ Tesla owner, no boat ownership experience yet. Unless I decide to buy my first boat in the next few years to go cruising in remote locations, I don't see myself buying anything but an electric boat. At most, I would consider a portable genset to bring in case of emergencies when doing small open water hops. I know I don't know what I'm talking about, but what you m
  3. These are great advices and exactly what I need. Just to give some background on myself. I have been sailing now for +10years. Started racing J22 in Baltimore Inner Harbor at the wonderful Downtown Sailing Center. Once I moved to a DC suburb, I found easier to make my way to racing at Annapolis' many around the buoy and weekend races. My only multihull experience is a R32 which was a handful, we shared the class with mostly trimarans, probably F27/28/31. I also raced J105s, T10, and now a Columbia 32. In each case I try to help the boat owner with maintenance tasks just to learn. I know t
  4. It is expensive, there is a strong chance that will prevent me from going with this boat. However, right now I have a well paying job that could allow me to splurge on something like this, while also having a busy family life including a toddler that make time a much scarce resource. A project boat or even an older boat that would require me to spend a lot of time on maintenance doesn't look like a good option. The hope is my first boat would allow for fun time in the water. No time for long deliveries, while also having a strong desire to explore distant and warmer locations. A ready to
  5. These two got a 880 to sail around for 6 months and are planning to do a review and probably show the boat in multiple sailing conditions. I'm seriously considering this boat. It would be my first boat. This thread has given me a lot to think. Thanks!
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