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  1. https://www.sail-world.com/news/249111/Double-handed-Ryujin-wins-Apollo-Bay-Race worth a mention, sailing double handed and getting the overall win, with a few good boats in the fleet.
  2. lawconnect on tracker look to be heading south..
  3. True that. would be a good race with the big fleet. And had a good race to King island for the 50th....
  4. westcoaster 2H or syd-hobart 2H ?? trying to decide
  5. 50th King Island race this weekend, who is doing it, and thoughts on who might do well with the light forecast ?
  6. already sailing with the new owner on the Gold Coast.
  7. Ahh, ok makes sense thanks for the extra info. this bit is still tricky, Travellers who have spent time in a high-risk area in the 14 days before their travel to Tasmania will have to have a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before arrival in Tasmania. But im sure there will be a work around in the works to get testing completed and results before any boats depart.
  8. on the Tas website looks like 14 days of quarantine.... https://www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au/travellers-and-visitors/coming-to-tasmania
  9. just a single scoop, on the centreline. about 50mm dia ballast is 650lt per side (350 +300 tanks)
  10. https://sofomarin.com/ this is whats in my Yacht
  11. Having raced the M32 at Hammo, and raced against the Cape 31 in Melbourne. i would confidently say the cape 31 is faster and looks to be a heap more fun. the M32 feels sluggish - and we won the regatta, so not on a slow boat.
  12. i have Photos somewhere of that Orange Raider hitting the Powerlines at Hope Island near the bridge. Drifted off a mooring a few years back...
  13. have been thinking that Melbourne needs some longer Bay races. So far all its been is the COB, and Blaigowrie races being the longest race distances. Keen.
  14. HB on a late charge, past Veruna now, gap closing on the leading IMOCAs
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