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  1. CerveloR5

    Which team do you want to win the cup?

    People actually work in NZ?
  2. CerveloR5

    She's Flying...Again

    If pigs could fly I wouldn't go outside They SUCKED when it counted, fuck December's results, they got owneed at every start, and deserve to be where they are
  3. CerveloR5

    She's Flying...Again

    No not at all, they didn't win 1 race in the 2 rounds and I think they won 1 prior. Not actually flying compared to the comp. BUD
  4. CerveloR5

    She's Flying...Again

    How did that work out for them?
  5. I nominate the Biden Flotilla Oh wait there were none, DEAD voters can't operate boats
  6. CerveloR5

    The Choke continues...

    Too Many Chiefs
  7. Glad to see you are still as bitter as ever!
  8. CerveloR5

    Team NYYC

    He would view it as a wasteof money
  9. CerveloR5

    The Choke continues...

    Perhaps next go around Kenny and Terry should team up. The boat was not the same after the flip, for some reason there looked like more turbulence off the foils than before and definitly way more than Luna
  10. CerveloR5

    The Choke continues...

    I call it Spirit Broken
  11. CerveloR5

    Reasons 1, 2 and 3 why I still visit SA most days

    I do to wind others up
  12. CerveloR5

    Team NYYC

    NYYC Campaign DEAD!
  13. CerveloR5

    Team NYYC

    The whole syndicate, to many chief's not enough indian's
  14. CerveloR5

    Team NYYC

    And suck even worse
  15. CerveloR5

    Team NYYC

    Thats' because they suck a basketball and since the ther countries send pro's USA needs to out the team out there