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  1. I nominate the Biden Flotilla Oh wait there were none, DEAD voters can't operate boats
  2. He would view it as a wasteof money
  3. Perhaps next go around Kenny and Terry should team up. The boat was not the same after the flip, for some reason there looked like more turbulence off the foils than before and definitly way more than Luna
  4. The whole syndicate, to many chief's not enough indian's
  5. Thats' because they suck a basketball and since the ther countries send pro's USA needs to out the team out there
  6. I think he's saying turn up you Wasp bastard!
  7. I bet your truck is strong enough for a bike that holds 4 bikes, load up and come down here for some riding, maybe up bear Mtn
  8. I have a better idea bike racing, you dont' need any crew
  9. Try the Moose Hall on City Island, they let anyone in!
  10. Drop me a PM I will go over every detail I dragged my boat around for 20 years. 11.5 wide never got permits and stopped twice i all the years. You do need a Triad Trailer, they are the best in the business It's not as complex as others make. One good thing you don't have to worry about is going to KW it's dead!
  11. Come on, the basketball team is not professional. LOL
  12. It gives me something to watch on TV, now that there won't be anymore protest or violence or looting
  13. Not watching, wouldn't waste my money or time watching over paid m´n sailing around with helmets. This is not sailboat racing, barely any sail trim since the apparent is so close they are always sheeted in hard, if you come off of foil your done Pretty stupid concept
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