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  1. Hi thanks for the reply, So I missed the step with the immediately coat with epoxy resin. Okay will plan for a new session of keel work.
  2. Hi, Did a keel treatment on my C&C115 in April. Sanding, cleaning old product of and applying new, also filled to make a smooth even surface. After clean and sanding applied these products: 1. International VCTar2, 3 coats 2. International VC17m Extra graphite Hauled the boat end of September for a check and a wash before winterizing. (I keep the boat in water during winter season) Due to unusual warm waters and also a little less usage there was some growth around the leading and trailing edge and the bottom edges. When power washed the underside, t
  3. In the process of renewing my sail wardrobe. Will be quoting for Jib1/2 for light to medium wind a jib4 for when the wind pipes up a bit. Looking for some thoughts and or experience on the different technology provided by North in terms of quality vs price. 3Di Raw, 3Di Endurance and NP(L) Sport. I'm mostly sailing regattas with the occasional day trip for enjoying sun and swimming. The regatta ambitions are still and will be at an amateur level but the wish to perform well.
  4. This is how it look after the power wash. I've sanded it so it is smooth and to rough edges and no loose flakes. Planning on filling in with VC Tar2 and then coat as normal with Vc17.
  5. Thanks for all your replies, highly appreciated. From the technical drawing of the keel there are bolts just above the area yes.
  6. Hi, As i power washed the boat after hauling it, some of the anti-fouling (Vc17) flaked of the rudder. I've sanded so there is no loose at the edges of the where the flakes came off, haven't sounded down to the fibers, just smoothed it out. Wondering if to apply some Vc Tar2 to the rudder, can i apply over the Vc17 that didn't flake off or to i need to sand it all off or just apply in the areas where it flaked off? Or just apply the Vc17 directly?
  7. Hi, No sign of any impact on the keel or otherwise in the bilge or elsewhere. The crack is visible on both sides yes. Been in contact with several professional, all from naval architects to metallurgist and structural engineers. All saying it does not look like the keel is structural impaired, the crack is in non loading area. I'm having an NDI done to the keel to further inspect the crack as well as a PMI conducted. Possible solutions: -Grind a v shape groove and fill with epoxy filler is one way. -Drill a hole at the end to make sure the crack stops ev
  8. The crack is about 8.5 cm so roughly 3 inches. the material is about 1.5 cm thick in the area there. the crack stops where the material begins to have some thickness. As a structural design a sharp corner like that is bound to get a lot of stress i would presume.
  9. Yes that is the location.
  10. Hi, just did some sanding to get new primer on the keel. Discovered a crack on the aft off the keel, in a sort of a corner. Anyone have some tips or information on treating or stopping this and the seriousness of this crack. The boat C&C115 is new to me so i don't know if at has been there for long time or it has developed recently. Thanks.
  11. Hi Wondering about the possibility of doing advanced TWA/TWS calibration using Expedition in a B&G system not running H5000 or other race-computers. System consists of Zeus3, Triton2 system and NAC3 pilot. Wind-sensor is the WS320 Running a networked computer with expedition will be able to read data, but will it be able to send calibrated data/table to the sensors/system?
  12. Now how to find out to display this. Want to display the race panel in the instrument cluster on top of the companionway. So was looking into getting a Vulcan and put it in the center, but no room for the 7inch and the 5 inch is no more and hard to buy used as well. iPad's would work, but doesn't feel quite right, and i worry about the durability of having that mounted, we do use iPad's for various info/jobs but was going for a more permanent/serious look. Anyone know of a good way to display this. Unfortunately i have the 9inch zeus3 and it doesn't have the HDMI output like the
  13. Hah, would you look at that. Did some quick research and by the looks of it the system already bought (Zeus3) has a pretty good race-line function. Thanks for the input.
  14. The B&G package is already arrived and awaiting installation. The overall schematic is shown here. The center display is not yet decided on, i really want a race line function. with time and distance to the line. I couldn't justify the H5000 system price tag for "just" that extra function. So been looking at different systems, i.e. AstraYacht m7 display. Although not exactly cheap either. Also need to redo the companionway instrument cluster, first its not centered.. so will use an carbonfiner adapter plate with pre-made cutouts for the instruments. Same goes for the chart
  15. So, switched boats last season, my Hanse was traded for a C&C115, wanted to venture more over to the performance part of the scale, for the regatta scene. Whilst also wanting something a bit off the typical high volume types. Off season has been used for planning and procurement of parts for upgrade and changes needed or to be fair its more in the line of wanted. Plans: -New Instrument package (from Raymarine to B&G) -Upgrade 12V system (Charger, solar, monitor etc..) Boat is about to be lifted onto the hard in 2weeks time, for bottom service, hul
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