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  1. Thank you for your response. With only your one comment it unfortunately reinforces the lack of excitement this boat generates. It sounds so perfect for my needs so I am a little disappointed. That said, every choice of boats has it's compromises.


    Yes, I am a newbie so throw whatever shit you are supposed throw at me! After that, I have a question that might also elicit some "colorful feedback" from dedicated J boat owners. I live in South Florida and do local club races and some regional events. Mostly all day racing. Draft is a big issue for me and I love J-boats. It seems the J-95 solves my draft issue and with the double rudders it should not suffer from the short rudder (because of a shoal draft keel) tendency to round up when the boat is heeled over hard. It also seems like a perfect, striped down, day racer. That said, this
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