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    Sailing, sharing my experience. I used to buy and sell boats.

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  1. Thanks Sail4beer and very good points that you mention. I have two potential buyers over there. But one day is a 'yes', the other day is 'no'! Things go quickly in this boat market. I've a bit of experience in this in Europe/Mediterranean area. Florida it is where are my buyers. I am happy to sell to a broker, I am open to options. It's question of time and cost. Few weeks as timeline for processing the paperwork looks good to me. Don't think it's a hot seller, it is a Jeanneau 53 (2012), well maintained. But I met in marinas few US sailors/owners very interested in this sailboa
  2. Yes, exactly. I sail her myself.
  3. Hi the anarchist squad! I plan to sell my EU flagged sailboat (based in France) into the US. What are the legal importation procedures into US? Who shall I contact once I arrive in the US marina? and how long does it take ish to finalize the selling process ? Many thanks for advice Alvaro
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