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  1. Introducing a new concept for double and triple blocks from performance hardware manufacturer, Allen. The Articulating block range. Double and triple sheaved blocks are an important part of many rigging systems, especially if you are wanting to reduce the load of a line. However, sometimes the lead angle for the rope when exiting a double or triple block isn’t quite right and can cause twisting or rubbing of the rope against the cheek of the block. To solve the problem the Allen design team have developed a simple solution which utilises existing products. The articulating
  2. All masts are machined using a single jig/ template. Same for all of the holes and fixings, so technically all should be the same.
  3. Yes, after all the work is done they are heat treated to ensure the strength is consistent across the whole profile of mast.
  4. British hardware manufacturer, Allen, has quietly been working on some big projects for the marine industry, one of which is the production of 11-meter tapered masts. The project to create a new tapered mast for the Dragon fleet came about after sailors and boat builders had started to notice the bend characteristics differed between each mast produced. Meaning, if you broke a mast and replaced it with a new one all the tuning and set up and measurements would no longer be valid. This also affected the continuity within the fleet, as each boat would require its own settings to get the mos
  5. Perhaps our screw together or push in deck bushes are more up your street! - https://www.allenbrothers.co.uk/product/a8539-9-aluminium-threaded-through-deck-bush-black/
  6. Great question - technically the anodising should prevent the "fizzing" when stainless fixings are used. But if the anodising gets scratched on installation then yes fizzing can happen. So, to be on the safe side an isolating sealant such as duralac should be used.
  7. and without adverts, how would we share the wonderful news of new products
  8. Ok, thanks for the feedback. We will look at the possibilities of adding smaller versions to the range in the future.
  9. We are pleased to announce a new range of flanged aluminium deck bushes is now available. The new range of flanged aluminium deck bushes is a result of feedback from the marine industry and sailors looking for an alternative installation method to our ever-growing range of screw and push in aluminium deck bushes. Allen flanged aluminium deck bushes feature a wider surface area with two fixing holes, allowing for a simple installation which only requires two screws and no messy bonding agent or silicone. Four sizes are now available, all of which match the existing range of ny
  10. Sail slides and slugs may not be the most exciting piece of equipment found on a sailboat. However, they are a very useful bit of kit and can make your life on board a vessel much easier. Sail slugs and slides are most commonly found on the luff or foot of a sail, yet they are also a popular choice for catamaran trampoline attachment points. Why use a sail slide or slug? So, you may be wondering why you would even bother with a sail slide or slug, especially when your mainsail has a perfectly good bolt rope. Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, the slides and slugs offer a reducti
  11. We knew it wouldn't take long! The Pad Thai is where we got our inspiration from... its one of our MD's favourite dishes!
  12. We like to give people what they want!
  13. The Pad-Tii range was launched in 2019 following feedback from the marine industry for the need for soft attachment deck fittings. Pad-Tii’s are a great choice if you are looking to add an attachment point to a surface. They offer minimal protrusion yet are easy to thread rope around and give a strong, solid fixing point for any fitting. The Allen design team came up with two solutions after continuing their development on the already tried and tested aluminium through deck bush range. Pad-Tii with Fixed Tii-Bar The fixed Tii-Bar version is our simples
  14. We have several options for US orders. Our US warehouse is located in Connecticut, we hold best sellers in stock there and if ordering via our website we offer the option at checkout to ship from this location - if the item is not in stock in the US we can send it with our fortnightly restocking shipment to help save on carriage. We also have several US stockists - view the list here. Alternatively, we can send items directly from the UK.
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