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  1. I checked and while it will let me set a depth offset and "instance" (no idea what that is) via that menu route, there's nothing there about the speed calibration. To be clear, this is going setup -> advanced settings -> device list -> DST200 -> options vs the other way which is setup -> calibration -> boat speed
  2. I've got an airmar DST200 paddlewheel sensor that talks to my NMEA 2000 network, and a collection of B&G (triton, vulcan, 10/10) and garmin (GNX120) electronics that display the data. I've done comparison tests against GPS and I know it's reading low, by about 0.4 kts at 6kts SOG. I found that I can do a calibration via the B&G triton, but it seems like it's only applying the calibration locally because the garmin's reading doesn't change at all after I apply the calibration. I did find a manual for the DST200 that shows a calibration process for the sensor itself, but it lo
  3. Boat is an evelyn 32, a 32 ft ULDB from the early 80s. About 4500 lb. That's a good point about a modern 6hp maybe being equivalent to my old 8hp. I've only had the boat + motor about 4 months but so far the 8 seems like more than I need honestly.
  4. I've currently got a ~30 year old mercury 8hp 2 stroke long shaft (20") that runs fine and only weighs 60lb but my inner hippie objects to the 2 stroke, so I'm looking for a 4 stroke replacement. I'd also prefer a longer shaft since it has a hard time staying submerged in any waves when I don't have a decent sized crew onboard that can all sit at the back and help keep it in the water. Motor is pretty much only used to get in and out of the marina or scooting out of the way of ferries and cargo ships when becalmed. Anyone got any recommendations? Looking around at new engines I didn't see
  5. I noticed that as of this afternoon sailflow is reporting recent data once again from the west point lighthouse station in seattle, even though the NDBC webpage for it is still dead. Maybe they're starting to get things back up and running?
  6. Any puget sound J/35 sailers on here? I'm in seattle and thinking about buying one but wanted to talk to some local owners/sailers. I've seen Those Guys and Solution at races in the area but I know there are others out there. This is what I'm looking at: https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/bod/d/gig-harbor-boats-j-racing-sailboat/7210756641.html Used to be Renegade and sailed on the great lakes till 2006 or so, then sailed the south sound for a few years but has been in a shed for the past decade.
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