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  1. I had a 5793. A bit diffrent I did also have a 505 once as well.
  2. I got that sail cheap from a friend who got it from a friend who gave up after not qualifying for Tokio. It was only used 2 days but got a hole in it. Also bought a like new from him without damage. I picked the flag stickers off that one but that was a real pain. So for the cheaper sail I left them on. The flag stickers cost 80€ a set didn’t want to spend that much on that sail either. Fast sail though
  3. Thanks was really fun. Already looking forward to next year’s which will be part of Tavermünde Woche
  4. Just on the train home after the German Nationals at Lake Müritz, 75 boats 9 races over 3 days. Wind between 8 and 20 knots. Mostly mid to upper teens. Everything hurts. Ended up mid fleet.
  5. I don't know but the Army has plenty of those things for just this reason
  6. Mostly just this is needed: AN-M14 Incidiary Grenade https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m14-th3.htm
  7. Excited upgrading my 1996 Devoti to a very nice 2008. Picking up the new boat this weekend. The 95 was actually quite competitive despite it's age though. Will miss her
  8. Couldn’t get the video but followed the results of the Finn Medal race. Must have been a hell of a race. Zombie won and almost took Scott‘s Gold.
  9. We have weekend regattas with 20-40 boats all over the country. Every little puddle has a Finn fleet. The last Masters I sailed had 350 boats. I was on the way to the German Nationals a few years back after visiting some friends in the Netherlands, had a few days so I stopped at a campground on the Rhein by Arnhem, there was a small sailing club there based out of the campground and there were 6 Finns racing on the Rhein. The Class won’t go anywhere for a long time. If you are 95+ Kg what singlehanded dinghy are you going to sail?
  10. Strange, it is strange
  11. Had a Super Snark as a kid in San Diego My parents would drive me down to Mission Bay or Shelter Island and set me off and I would go on some rather large adventures for a Snark
  12. I moved to Germany in 2000 after meeting my German now ex wife (and still close friend) in England following the 99 FD Worlds. I miss some things from San Diego but no way would I want to move back or anywhere in the US. It’s saner here and the work life balance is much better.
  13. Was sorry to miss Copenhagen. We had 2 courses and 2 start groups per course. Everyone was assigned a different course and start each day and we had colored streamers to tie on the head of your sail. I have been to the Masters in 2008 Medemblik NL, 2014 in Sopot Poland, and 2018 in El Balis Spain. Love it and feel lucky to now live in Germany where it is easy to get to a lot of fun regattas all over on a small budget.
  14. Anyone here coming to the Masters in Medemblik? Really hope it happens, and Corona doesn’t get in the way like last year. 2018 in Spain with 350 boats was a blast, already 150 sailors on the entry list!
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