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  1. Thanks for the responses. I'm just going to think about those comments for a little while :)
  2. Yeah when I said I'd just fuel it up go full throttle and I'm sure I'd be fine I was being about half sarcastic. I actually don't know. IMO crossing the English channel at this time of year is a job for an expert. Although this is literally what I considered doing! Just getting by with my mobile GPS, then I thought no that's insane... If there were places I could stop and refuel and stay if the weather's rough, then move on to the next leg, etc I might be OK. But even getting across the channel seems a bit dodgy with my total lack of navigational experience. I have sailed a bit, but I've never
  3. I didn't think 'calling all captains' was a 'smart ass troll' thing to say. When I said 'is anybody actually doing this work anymore' I meant it! There is a Corona going on you know??? And it's having a tiny bit of effect on international travel, which is exactly what I need. I thought that would be obvious but oh well... Guess people thought that was a sarcastic comment. Which I suppose I can understand. These are pretty crazy times! Anyway thanks for the link I'll check them out.
  4. I'm looking at a few Westerlys- Longbow, Konsort, and Fulmar for my first live aboard. I like the high cabin roof that goes far forward and the extra space and light that provides. Dutch boats that compete on this basis seem to cost a lot more. Ironically once I'm better at sailing, I want to sail to England LOL And lots of other places... I'll have a survey done so all should work fine. These boats are 29-32 feet long. I'm only looking at examples with newer fresh water cooling so I think the engine will be ok. Can you do that with a boat this size? It's an interesti
  5. I think I just need a reference. I have no idea how this works, as this is my first boat. Is there a site for captains where they bid on jobs or something? Or a website with some kind of delivery calculator or something where I can at least get a clue how much this will cost and if it will break the boat purchase deal? Also any estimates how long to sail from South England to Amsterdam would be very helpful.
  6. Uhh, I can drive under the English channel, but I can't bring a boat down there. I also do not want to sail back across the English Channel. Not with my sailing skill set. And not in winter. I need a pro to bring her home.
  7. Is anybody actually doing this work anymore??? I need a boat purchase shipped from UK to Netherlands and looking for information how do I get a captain for the job, is it still possible in Corona? And how much would it cost? No idea how long the sail is, but it's an 8 hour drive
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