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  1. I lost the c'board downhaul bungee this summer and couldn't be arsed to drill out the sheave box rivets and fish a new one like you did, so I rigged this setup. I thought it would be smart to have a safety release cleat in the system (that's the clam cleat on the black riser near the aft end of the centerboard case, on stbd side), but it's kind of a pain. I wish there was more room between that last little block and the clam cleat to reach in and uncleat it when going down wind, but this way does give me a good length for the bungee to absorb small impacts such as hitting weed clumps.
  2. yo @sterljh here come some photos. Hiking straps get shackled to pad eyes amidships, then tied with some slack in the rope and a bungee in parallel, to the pad eyes near the base of the bulkehead at the forward end for the crew. Skipper's straps get tied to a centerline pad eye on the transom, also use bungee back there to keep them off the floor. There are two blocks on each side at the base of the mast. These are turning blocks for the cunningham (fwd) and vang (aft). I rigged some cascading purchases for these two control systems -- that it not stock, but I recommend it. C'ham is
  3. @Vitto86 maybe try the Facebook groups. It seems there are always a few people in the world rehabilitating an old FD. There are worse things you could do with your time. This one is somewhat active: https://www.facebook.com/groups/48126682986
  4. Yep that looks right. If there are no weeds where you sail this will work ok but you need a good amount of pre-load on the bungee to pull the board down when you are moving, and if you are going fast the crew will have to grab the upper right corner of the board in this picture and man handle it to get it down. Where I sail there are tons of weeds, and the board is always coming up and needing to get hauled down when beating, so I rigged a more positive down haul that I can reach while steering. That's a really nice Volant you got there. I am very jealous of your beautiful tapered ma
  5. I have a Volant and can help. Maybe if you post pictures of what you've got I can give you some ideas. I'll get some pictures up for you later this week. Centerboard downhaul is a shock cord system run through a bunch of sheaves inside the centerboard trunk. Difficult to re-rig if you lose the bungee. Main traveler is pretty simple actually. There are a couple of holes drilled through the deck flange at the stern port & starboard -- feed the end of the traveler line through and put a stop knot in the end. Then lead though a turning block on the side of the traveler car, through t
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