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  1. Maybe not such a good move for a GB challenge. Red Bull F1 seem to be seriously on the ascendency so recruiting them might be a good idea? Suit Jimmy-the-Spit, too
  2. Not just tomatoes, TINNED tomatoes
  3. I'd go with 1-4 for certain but starting tactics matter too (eh, Sir Ben?)
  4. So we start off again on Saturday with Ineos 4-0 down. No doubt we'll have to be putting up with the blessed shirley going on and on and on and on and on and on about BA's famous fight backs when he's angry. Which she's been doing since the christmas series and he was one down in the Prada. Commontators eh?
  5. Major races are often reported by the BBC in late night shows but are 'photogenic' clips with a poor story line and no analysis. There has been a few minutes a week from the December/January activities in NZ even though they advertised widely there would be plenty of real time stuff. Sky have been excellent for those with a Sky media package but it's hardly FTA. It is though recordable. The move for the BBC to put the first 4 final races on FTA (via its iPlayer) is good news. I like the feed coming from NZ but wish we had more graphic info on the wind directions.
  6. Not only do we have Wales this weekend we also have Italy (Glasgow Warriors v Benetton KO 2-30 GMT)
  7. Yes I'd go with the graded mottling effect of these circles: striking. They just beat Amati's 'red outlined rounded squares' on LR.
  8. I see he's going to name his new party after AM's boat, the Patriot. Hope it crashes and burns like the boat did last week. The only difference is that I (as a Rita man) would like to see the AM boat back on the water next week competing for the Prada Cup. Chapeau and Bon Chance, mes braves.
  9. No post-race conference (posted on AC36 website)
  10. Wind details in particular would be good.
  11. The UK TV schedules indicate SKY showing the Christmas Competition from 2am live UK time (and repeated at 9-11am) on race days next week. Although BBC claim to be showing it too, I don't see it in any schedule I have available.
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