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  1. And for the love of all things Bozo, Don't Crush That Dwarf!
  2. I don't think it was the payment. It was his failure to report the campaign expense, IIRC. Hence, campaign fraud, not a double standard. Sound familiar?
  3. Well, I suppose so. But I was thinking more along the lines that one should expect to use Roman numerals. Here in the Great Pacific Northwest (and in most of the rest of the world) we generally use Arabic numerals, although the Roman numerals do show up a lot (just not in mathematical calculations). @GrogPerhaps this whole Roman vs Arabic numeral thing is losing something in the translation? (eg: 69 vs XXX? See, they're both sexual references.)
  4. I'd be willing to bet that Eva thought the same of Adolf.
  5. I'm susceptible to schadenfreude as much as the next guy. Oh, and I have a particular affinity to irony, so there's that. That said, I wish the Rona on nobody. (What I wish is for it to go away.) Doesn't mean I have to feel sorry for those who denied it and found themselves to be wrong the hard way.
  6. While I disagree with Dog much of the time (well, most of the time), in no world would I wish "the Rona" or any other ill on him.
  7. Only on SA would one find a discussion on how to/whether one can stick one's dick in a garbage disposal, whether flaccid or not. I love this place! (BTW: Aren't the blades at the level of the outlet drain, around 7.25" from the top? Below that is the motor.)
  8. Wind bad fiction? You really are being far too kind.
  9. That would be a thread hijack. (I'll let myself out. Thanks.)
  10. Hobot, get well quickly. We need you back out on the Sound! (Or whatever they're calling it this week.)
  11. This is a very interesting question, and one I've not heard addressed by anyone. Bumping again. @bpm57? Anyone?
  12. If your vouchers are redeemable for full tuition at the finest private schools, without any need for the parents providing additional funds, maybe. If the parents have to pitch in any money, absolutely NO. Also, no admission requirements that differ from those at public schools--those accepting vouchers would have to accept all who applied. Then maybe. Only maybe. (But probably not.) It still doesn't solve the problem that vouchers used at private schools, defund public schools. I find that unacceptable. If you have problems with the quality of the schools in the district to which you ch
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