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  1. I was just about to say something nice about you, Chum. Then you did this. Don't bothsiderism this crap.
  2. Likewise, there are millions of Americans who don't vote. (I'm not sure that there are millions and million, however. That's too confusing a number for me.) And I suspect you could find a million who can't even name the current president at any given time. Did you have a point here? 'Cause this has nothing whatsoever to do with my post.
  3. This is an interesting phenomenon: it seems the RWNJs who supported TFG at first, but later succumbed to peer pressure and retracted said support and denied ever supporting him due to his appalling behavior are now trying the peer pressure angle on Biden supporters by spinning up the rhetoric that “most liberals are jumping off the Biden ship.”
  4. Per TFG, he'll have to wait. You can't bother a sitting president with a little civil lawsuit. Remember? Or is it different now?
  5. I'm George Nelson, and I'm feeling ten feet tall!
  6. He said "sixe", not "sexe". Perhaps you could get some Snagglish reedeing lessenz? (While I get my coat and let myself out.)
  7. Is this REALLY going into the third page, arguing about whether the OP was accurate when the Port of LA is available 24/7, but the tenants are not taking advantage of the availability? Semantics? Or mere stubbornness?
  8. Truckers Steer Clear of 24-Hour Operations at Southern California Ports Nov. 17, 2021 1:31 pm ET LINKY The Biden administration pressed ports in Southern California to open 24 hours a day to help ease supply-chain bottlenecks. The move has barely made a ripple. One terminal at the Port of Long Beach flung open its gates around the clock for truckers in mid-September, from Monday to Thursday. But no trucks showed up, prompting the terminal to tighten the rules. In late September, it said it would open during overnight hours only if 25 trucks made appointments. Since then, th
  9. Are you saying that it was "liberals"? 'Cause it was a shock-jock publicity stunt, IIRC. IMO, it was a public service, because (and I haven't had the opportunity to say this for decades, so thank you) . . . DISCO SUCKS!
  10. Take it to CA, or PA. (And since this isn't PA) Please?
  11. The little girl from Waterworld, all growed up?
  12. Maybe try the sarcasm font next time? That would also help prevent people from accusing you of backpedaling every time you're called out like this, as it seems you fall back on 'sarcasm' fairly often once you've been called out. Or not. You do you.
  13. There's a link inside the article that leads to another article that discusses books targeted by both sides, including the "left". It mentions Huck Finn. So . . . there's Huck Finn, and Little Black Sambo comes to mind. But I can't recall ever hearing of people burning either of them.
  14. You asked Mid why it is okay that unvaccinated people are being restricted on what they do and where they can go, “based on what we know”. I ask you what it is that we do know. You’re admittedly not up to date as to the status of the vaccines, so I’m wondering what information it is that “we know” (assuming the collective “We” you referenced yesterday). Absent that, your question to Mid is pointless. But I can understand the confusion at this point, given the chaotic interactions here in the past few minutes.
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