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  1. I don't give two shits about Clapton. Speaking of Darwin: here's hoping you choke to death on your own vomit after you drink and drug yourself into oblivion this afternoon, fantasizing about your Mexican whores. Fucking making jokes about the death of a child. What a shitbag.
  2. Once again, Political Anarchy demonstrates that there are no limits to the depths to which some scumbags will go. Fucking useless pieces of shit, both of you.
  3. From email received yesterday: An MOB Reflection Four weeks ago today, a man fell overboard during Race 2 at Race Week, and sadly didn’t survive. His name was Gregory Paul Mueller, and he was new to the crew of the J120 with Grace. Despite the work of many who responded to the incident, Gregory never regained consciousness, and was pronounced dead on the shores of Guemes Island. I haven’t talked publicly about the man overboard (MOB) accident, aside from a press release that I released shortly after the incident occurred. It has been a difficult event to process, and I b
  4. You could test that theory by following my suggestion above and starting your own thread on the subject you wish to discuss. Or you could just whine about how you feel that you're being treated soooo unfairly. Your choice.
  5. The story here is O'Reilly and his accuser. Maybe try another thread about Lauer? You could even start one if you can't find one.
  6. We ARE done with this. I'm pretty sure everyone is ignoring it. I know I am. D'oh!
  7. Yep. Another misleading thread name!
  8. That must have been very inconvenient for you, Seaflake. T&P for a speedy recovery. Yours is the first I've seen of anyone naming leaders of BLM. You'll know where to send the letters. I'm certain I haven't seen or heard anything from Jessie, Al, or Louis (nor et. al.) about BLM. Must've missed that. Still, I have an impression of what I think BLM means to the people I interact with and see who have signs in their windows or stickers on their cars supporting BLM. 'Course, I could be wrong. I'm not in Chicago. I can't imagine that many folks supporting the general BLM movement are
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