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  1. I was just a LCpl. I was specifically required to not think, let alone question. (And really, I never thought about that. It's a good point, but probably has something to do with military intelligence.) Left work and this flashed through my head (actually, a Little Feat song came up and it reminded me of an Oakie I knew at 29 Palms who introduced me to LF--I had no choice, we were in a squadbay, and thinking about him reminded me of the question), it's because you first lock the clip in place, then load (chamber) the round. IIRC. Again, that was a long time ago in a galaxy
  2. I was just a LCpl. I was specifically required to not think, let alone question. (And really, I never thought about that. It's a good point, but probably has something to do with military intelligence.)
  3. The quality of the RWNJ Trolls here has been declining quickly. I can't believe that I actually find myself missing Dog. (Side note: I truly hope he's okay. Maybe going to RW Talking Point School or something.)
  4. Interesting there Mikey, but I didn't see the word "contract" mentioned once.
  5. Foxitis or Fauxitis? Does that make one's hands shrink and skin turn orange as one slips into inshannity? I know it turns the sufferer into a rambling imbecile.
  6. The families of two of the guys I went to boot camp with weren't distracted by it: they were busy grieving. Semper Fi! (As for Ronnie being a shit, Marines had to go on patrol in Lebanon with weapons unloaded. If they took fire, they had to call for permission before they could lock and load and return fire. Talk about fucked up!)
  7. Primary sources? Pah! Who needs primary sources when Faux Nuz will program you with everything you need to think about it?
  8. I was thinking semaphore, but that Morse key might be too much work as well. That is, if his stubby, short fingers COULD work it. (I think I may have just left some low hanging fruit there for someone.)
  9. I kinda hoped he wouldn't notice that Ground Zero part. Still, it should be safe there. I doubt they like their infamy, and am certain they don't want a repeat of last year. So there's that. Go the Hobot!
  10. If FN is right and he wasn't challenged during voir dire, there won't be a retrial on those grounds. You don't get a new trial because you fucked up the first time. lol
  11. Sort of. Depends what you mean by 'general vicinity'. It's a different island in a different country, but not very far away as the wreck drifts.
  12. A couple of takeaways from this might be along the lines of: 1) Local Knowledge is a very helpful thing (nobody in their right mind would have tried to take that route into that bay in anything with more draft than a dinghy, especially at that point in the tide); 2) Charts, charts, charts. And FFS, quit watching yourself on the plotter. It's helpful, but not in close quarters. (IOW: quit watching yourself navigate on TV.) 3) As already mentioned, the depth sounder is your friend. 4) Sailors are infinitely more cool than powerboaters.
  13. How quaint. Just like the old days. You know: the old days when Grandma didn't have to have two jobs of her own.
  14. That was the Elwha (c1983). There's a picture of the grounding hanging on the wall in the Bellingham USCG station (or was last time I was in there). Oh, and don't forget the memorable song. And, of course, the drink.
  15. Nope, you didn't. Admittedly it was . . . interesting. But poor Mark is rolling in his grave.
  16. I saw that, but then thread drift ensued, so I chimed in. I mean . . . Blondie vs. T.Rex? C'mon Mel! Not even close to the same genre. And we didn't stop drinking beer for another 15 years or so (well, 10 for Billy, RIP).
  17. Around 25 years ago, a (late) friend of mine and I got drunk (as usual) and decided to figure out who the top 10 rock guitarists were. We stopped at 100. Anyway, with Woodstock on the list now, how about Alvin Lee's Ten Years After performance on Goin' Home? I suspect that this is limited to Rock, by some definition, and that's why the likes of Muddy Waters, BB King, Keb Mo, Taj Mahal, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Robert Cray, etc. haven't shown up yet? (Not enough 'scales'?)
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