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  1. 1 hour ago, Burning Man said:

    I'm too lazy to go back and look. <shrug>

    Are you fucking kidding me? You're asking me to give you a "considered response", yet you are too lazy to go back in this thread and look at our original interaction to see who you're talking to?

    I'm actually interested in discourse. I think I've demonstrated that, to some extent. But it sounds like you just want to watch me jump through hoops. Fuck that.

    Maybe you can come back and try again if you ever decide you're serious.

  2. 44 minutes ago, Burning Man said:


    Sure. I'll give a considered response, but not while I'm at work. In the meantime, I would disagree that I've called for essentially banning civilian ownership of guns. If you'll recall, you had agreed to the education component, but maybe decided it wasn't quite your cup-o-tea when you found the turd was also in your punchbowl? Maybe that's what you mean by "essentially banning civilian ownership". I don't know, because you never responded beyond that point, and Tomballs took over.

    And just to be contrarian: one might argue that the prohibition against slavery has had some measure of success. So perhaps not ALL other prohibitions have failed miserably. (I know, not your point, just a warning against such blanket statements.)

    Anyway, I'll get back to you when I have some time. Thanks.

  3. 1 hour ago, warbird said:

    The first shower in the shower room, 50 or 60 overhead nozzles and the water never got warm:lol:

    IIRC, it was (or felt) more like 20 nozzles and 60 recruits with about two minutes to get showered in icewater.

  4. 21 minutes ago, Burning Man said:

    [Deleted for those who have BM on ignore]

    I introduced a proposal--one that went way beyond the simple WOD issue. You and I had a brief exchange about it--even finding a point of agreement. You didn't play word games.

    Tom tried to redirect the argument, and when I tried to bring it back, he responded that, essentially he was on topic and I wasn't. Fine. He didn't want to address what I was suggesting, rather to argue his WOD issue as if it's the only relevant factor to this thread (with a lightly veiled insult as well).

    What is truly sad is that Tom's refusal to engage in response to my suggestion, while keeping the topic narrowed to one on which he thinks he has the upper hand simply resulted in an abrupt end to any discourse on the subject.

    I'm sorry you don't feel that his response was all word games. Since he was directing his post to me while not addressing my point, it was.

    I'm just fine with your disagreement about that. Disagreement and rational debate is healthy, and even necessary in an open society. I can agree to disagree. That doesn't change my opinion, nor does it make you or Tom (or me) correct.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Laker said:

    I at one time dated a (female) Marines officer.  One night she asked me if I wanted to have some fun.

    It was hilarious watching all these guys getting their hair shorn off when they are in a 3:30 in the morning daze.

    It was tons of fun being one of those guys, let me tell you.

    At least they gave us 30 seconds to sleep that night before they rousted us to start all over again.

    That was 1978, but I bet it hasn't changed much. Well, except I hear they run PT in tennis shoes now. Oh, and the C-Rats are now K-Rats or something not canned. I bet they don't let you smoke ('em if you've got 'em) anymore either.

    Fond memories. (Fond that they're only memories, that is. Kind of like sitting on the rail with no wind in the dead of winter while it's raining. Good times to remember.)

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  6. 20 minutes ago, Son of a Sailor said:

    Love that album

    I went on a bit of a Little Feat jag a few months back (I collect vinyl) and found a Little Feat recording from King Biscuit (who remembers that one?) Flour Hour. While it doesn't have the Tower of Power backing that Columbus has, it's still pretty amazing. Add to that Lowell's commentary (re Willin he says: this one got me fired from Mothers of Invention) and it was well worth the price (not more than a new CD, IIRC), while not quite in mint condition.

    Of course, I got the only one that was available on Discogs at the time.

  7. I raced on a boat where, while bananas weren't banned, per se, it was required that if you brought a banana, you must eat the banana. This came about after one of the crew brought a banana to a race in late April and didn't eat it. The banana was discovered on board by the skipper's wife as she was getting the boat ready for cruising . . . in late June.

    There was no time limit associated with the 'eat the banana' requirement.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Excoded Tom said:

    [Deleted for those who have Tom on ignore]

    You're very good at picking apart proposed solutions, but not so good at suggesting any of your own. I've at least looked for a middle ground that actually addresses what I view as one of the major problems with firearms in this country. You disagree. I get that. And I disagree with you. So without a counter proposal, you've set us at an impasse. Yet Jeff and I seemed to find a little middle ground.

    If you're not willing to work towards a solution, you're part of the problem, Tom. I would like to think that you don't want to be part of the problem. If that's true, what's your proposal?

    As to handguns, actually all guns--everyone can have one provided they are willing to participate in a "well regulated militia". Of course, those should remain in the armory as with the regular military unless one could demonstrate an actual need (of course, this opens a Pandora's Box). But the training should include at least a couple of years of training in being "well regulated", ie: military service and a commitment to submit to military authority and participate in continuing training under that authority (including being subject to the UCMJ). And, yes, this does appear to change my initial proposal. If I had more time, and thought you were truly interested in considering the entire proposal, I might even lay it out. But there's no way I'm taking that time since you've demonstrated that your objective is simply to find flaws, not solutions.

    So, rather than just argue with the suggestions of others, what's your proposal, Tom?

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  9. 20 minutes ago, bpm57 said:

    Amazing how the (D) party went from "fraud, fraud, fraud" in 16 and turned into "most honest election ever" in just 4 years. All that never ending "fraud" in 16, all gone in 2020, "not a hint of fraud".

    Uh . . . your stupid is getting pretty severe. You should probably have that checked. Nobody suggested that there was fraud in the way the elections were conducted, or in the way the votes were counted, or that dead people or unregistered voters voted in 2016. You should really brush up on your facts. Try the Mueller Report for starters.

  10. Just to keep the turd in the collective punch bowl, you may have missed the part where I suggest that the AR be kept and used at a secure armory or range. (Of course, then one gets to argue over the definition of an AR, which I will avoid pending serious consideration of the rest of the proposition. My proposition would actually include hunting rifles, which could be checked out during respective seasons to licensed hunters.)

    Some with the requisite experience might recognize that this is similar to the protocol used by the military (you don't think you're issued a firearm and just get to keep it in your footlocker, do you?).

  11. 18 hours ago, Willin&#x27; said:

    Yawn, sailors have been calling it that for years. Now, when will Nat Geo catch on about the Salish Sea being the eighth?

    The name, Salish Sea is no less disrespectful than Puget Sound was. It was called the Wulge before the Europeans got involved. But that name doesn't seem to satisfy white guilt.

    Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine.

    DWO out.

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