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  1. Obtuse? Pot, meet kettle. I know you get your jollies lobbing insults. It’s your style, if you have such a thing. Clearly you’re quite emotionally invested in your AR-15 penis substitute. But for home defense, which is what you’ve suggested, it’s not the best choice. It's not even a good choice. The alternative for home defense isn’t a handgun, it’s a shotgun. Not as sexy as an AR, but a damn sight easier to use and much faster to get a round off in a hurry with a high probability of hitting your target. That is, if you’re not simply a poser trying to play Rambo or defend your home against a h
  2. I would submit that firing at "an assailant" fifty yards away might not be considered self-defense.
  3. This is just plain silly. Everyone knows the truth: All Your Base Are Belong To Us.
  4. The top boats (the locals ones, anyway) are all pretty serious and experienced racers. The first finishers looked to me to have and use local knowledge to win (that decision to stick to Whidbey rather than go out into the straits, for example). So while some luck was involved (as is always the case racing), a lot of strategy came into play as well. Also, given the human power factor, boat choice (as you said) was less of a factor; at least when there was little or no wind. (I think I just agreed with you. )
  5. At least the fourth place boat had a 505 sailor on board. Hi Chris!
  6. High Sea Drifters (Olson 30) ahead, minutes away from the finish.
  7. And no sooner do I post that than the tracker updates. I have no fingernails left.
  8. Fressure may have passed the Olson. https://wa360-2021.maprogress.com/#
  9. It looks like Fressure (Merit 28) is going to beat Broderna for second place behind the . . . yes, Olson 30. Sticking to Whidbey really paid off. Current relief in there, which locals should know from the Smith Island races.
  10. I seem to remember this trick from a book on Magic Tricks that I got in 3rd grade.
  11. Even SSSS (the South Sound Sailing Society, Olympia's sailing club) doesn't (or didn't when I was there) hold races in South Sound in June--there's predictably no wind. Having raced down there for some years, I wouldn't be interested in heading south from PT to Oly Shoal either. Yeah, this is turning into a nail biter, isn't it? Wind at Smith Island is going light at around 7 right now. And it's just about slack low right now. Good times! Go Sail Like a Girl! (Melges 32)
  12. Oh, FFS. This again? Start here: https://www.justice.gov/archives/sco/file/1373816/download
  13. Okay, sorry: I have no idea why Hunter said what he did. I can think of many reasons, but am not willing to speculate. (I would note that, in the video he didn't rule out the possibility, but didn't agree that it was his either.) I didn't mean to convey 'attitude'. I apologize. I could assume (if I were willing to speculate) that you are responding for the same reason I did. But I won't do that. Perhaps you could take a shot at answering my two questions (the third, of course, was rhetorical). Or shall I assume that your answers are the same as my answer to your question: no ide
  14. Why would a laptop have three hard drives? Why would those hard drives no longer be in the laptop? Why am I bothering to respond to this?
  15. My gut? It pretty much tells me when it's time for lunch. Does my gut tell me one or the other is lying? I have no idea. Both videos are edited and both were published with an agenda. Absent verifiable documentary evidence, and direct and cross examination under oath, I have no basis for opinion. (Also, opinion is not a good foundation for building a case.) It's the old joke: how can you tell your client is lying? Their lips are moving. (Might be an old lawyer joke, but it works very well in reverse.)
  16. Older than the October 2020 article I cited? Okay then. Clearly I have no idea what you're on about. Have fun!
  17. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know this was a private conversation.
  18. LMGTFY: "the owner of the computer store, John Paul MacIsaac, was unable and unwilling to answer key questions about how the laptop supposedly arrived in his store, and eventually, how the data was shared with Giuliani. CBS News interviewed MacIsaac for almost two hours on Wednesday and throughout the interview he contradicted himself about his motivations, raising questions about the truthfulness of one of the central figures in the story." Cite: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hunter-biden-laptop-new-york-post-story/
  19. So to sum up your responses, Mike. Your claim that the Star of David and/or pink triangle was used in pre-war Germany as a protest arose from anecdotal evidence from your grandmother. Your assertion that "Compared to Germany; (sic) the USA, Britain and France were a pack of racist, jew-bashing, gay-hating heehaws" turns out to be something about gays being tolerated in Germany during the Roaring '20s, but totally neglects to address the portion of your claim about the USA, Britain, and France being far worse. And your claim about the movement of mask-wearing anti-GMO activists b
  20. No. I want to see your evidence that anyone in Germany wore the Star of David or pink triangle as protest preceding WWII. I also want to see "anything at all that shows Germany in the 1930s as more tolerant of Jews than the US, Britain, and France." So . . . one person. I suppose all movements begin with one person. But I wouldn't base an argument on one person. Thank you.
  21. Cite please: when did anyone in Germany wear the Star of David or pink triangle as protest. (Even if true, it doesn't make it a good analogy--a good analogy would be understood by the average individual. Even if you are correct, the Nazi use of it as a tool of oppression far overshadowed any use of it as a protest as far as popular history goes.) Cite please: support your assertion that "Compared to Germany; the USA, Britain and France were a pack of racist, jew-bashing, gay-hating heehaws." Anything at all that shows Germany in the 1930s as more tolerant of Jews than the US, Britain, and
  22. That was my understanding, but if I'm incorrect I owe B^2 and Venom each an apology. (Although I'm not sure which one would be the greater insult.) Ewww.
  23. Are those Opposite Pills the same ones he used to justify returning to SA after he lost his bet as B^2?
  24. Giving you the benefit of the doubt as to your intent, Mike, perhaps you simply chose a bad analogy. Unless, of course, your intent was to point out how a positive message was adulterated by fascists in the same way that the wearing of masks to protect vulnerable persons has now been redefined as an infringement on some Constitutional right, rather than simply the right to inflict risk on others.
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