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  1. Why not do an 'audit' of the 2016 election results while they're at it?
  2. Context, Mikey. Context. Did I really need to use purple in that one? After all, I was replying to your "conclusion" that I was Australian and unvaccinated. Are you REALLY as stupid as you're coming across right now?
  3. I assume you can provide a cite to my alleged post where I say I am un-vaccinated. (Hint: you can't.) Or is this just another one of your made-up facts? (Hint: it is.) I have never changed my name. I have never had another handle. And I have been on SA longer than you have, Woofsie, by years, regardless of our respective post counts. Hell, I've even had the same avatar the entire time. But clearly you believe your own assumptions as regards my history here; by extension it follows that you also believe your own assumptions about other 'facts' you present here. And it's the ease with
  4. This is yet another perfect example of you being just plain wrong. Somehow you got it into your little head that I'm Australian. While I have nothing but sincere respect for my Australian cousins, I am not among them. But in your self-professed wisdom, Mikey, you've somehow deduced that I am an Australian. Like your other assumptions, this is incorrect. A smidgen of research on this site would have revealed that, but as with everything on which you opine, you draw your conclusion first, and then pronounce it as if you are the ultimate source of knowledge. You aren't. You're simply an arro
  5. Did Mikey really equate mask wearing with Nazis forcing Jews to wear the Star of David? To respond to his bullshit (for which I apologize in advance, knowing that I'm feeding the Troll): they have nothing in common. One is to protect vulnerable people; the other is to make people vulnerable.
  6. If only there were an Ignore function to use while lurking . . . .
  7. Your deduction skills are still as sharp as usual, Mikey. Sure thing: I'm now Australian and non-vaccinated. So let it be written, so let it be done.
  8. Mike, you're like a 5 year old demanding attention and being ignored.
  9. Oh, Snap! You sure got me with that one, Mikey. But I have a couple of suggestions for you: 1) stop printing out my posts, or 2) stop training your puppy to pee on your computer.
  10. Wow! Okay then, clearly I'm not a 'leftie'. Good to know. Are there any other 'lefties' here besides Mikey?
  11. This can't be true. It is the self-proclaimed expert on . . . well, everything. And since it insists is a self-proclaimed 'leftie' and has even defined what it is to be 'leftie', it clearly owns the term and can impose its parameters on whomever it wishes--including (or especially) chastising other 'lefties' for not following it or its definition. In your ignorance, you fail to recognize its absolute authoro-tay. (BTW: Why do you even respond to it?) For the record, and back on topic (sort of), Huckabee/Sanders is the witch.
  12. That's "English teacher", with a capital "E".
  13. I call bullshit on this. You can't drink AND screw at anywhere NEAR 100 miles an hour in a bar. Not even Rick Yukon. I'll let myself out.
  14. Yeah, that was too easy. Unfortunately, you're right and he'll be back. But we can hope . . . I especially love the part where the beach bum, ex-pat, unemployed carpenter lectures about educating people (by insulting them). Priceless!
  15. Awwwww, Boophie's wittle feewings are hurt. Nobody wants to click his linky. Kinda speaks to your lack of credibility here, doesn't it?
  16. There was an interesting story on last night's PBS Newshour about how Australia has been successfully dealing with the pandemic by, of all things, following the science and presenting a consistent, science based message to the people: Linky
  17. It's not fine. Even at 12. It's programming the kid to believe s/he has something wrong. Kids' nature is to live up to expectations, especially those of their parents or those whom they respect. Tell them they're fucked up, stupid, etc. and that's what they'll aspire to and that's how they'll end up.
  18. And he revels in his ignorance, but occasionally needs to be called out. (Especially, in my opinion, when others in the thread start using his misused terminology because it really does confuse the issue--a common technique with RW talking points. Like Sea Smegma asserting that BLM's protests against police killing blacks is somehow disingenuous because they aren't simultaneously protesting all the other issues that he thinks should be protested against--a form of bothsiderism.)
  19. If I understand this issue, it's not about transvestites (cross-dressers), but about trangendered--folks who have transitioned or are in the process of transitioning. There's a difference in that transgendered individuals have had hormone therapy and often surgery to effect the change. The effects of such medical interventions is that the body of the person actually changes (especially in younger persons). IOW: It's not simply some guy dressing like a girl to win a medal.
  20. Sorry all. Forgot to ask what kind of dressing you would like with the above. I like the bleu cheese, but the house has a honey garlic dressing that's pretty good.
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