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  1. Texas' Supreme Court has no more jurisdiction over the 4 "rogue" states than you have. Although I'm not so sure about the declare war option. It is Texas, after all.
  2. In all fairness, it was I who fed him.
  3. Sounds pretty counterproductive.
  4. Well done, bigot! Those two headlines have me convinced. And by convinced, I mean convinced that you are an ignoramus. For anyone interested, here are the links to the actual stories (which don't seem to support the premise that OBL proposes). https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/hunter-biden-facing-federal-investigation-over-tax-affairs/2020/12/09/7676b5d8-3a62-11eb-aad9-8959227280c4_story.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-truth-behind-the-hunter-biden-non-scandal/2020/10/16/798210bc-0fd1-11eb-8074-0e943a91bf08_story.html
  5. Well now, THERE's a distinction that everyone will understand.
  6. So that still leaves you without a rational approach, just random gun grabbing. (I can't believe I'm arguing this side of this topic. No wonder the right thinks the left is wacko.)
  7. Would the story have been buried until after the election if the FBI were investigating Hillary? Wait! Sorry, wrong election cycle. My bad.
  8. Apologies to all for the thread drift, but your proposal, Fakenews, would serve only to piss off those to whom you refer as "ammosexuals". Also, most serious gun nuts I know do their own reloading, so your proposal accomplishes . . . well . . . nothing, aside from making it look like all you want to do is take away guns with no rational approach. I'm pretty lefty much of the time, but this is craycray. (Disclosure notice: I own firearms, have a CWP, and was trained in the safety and use of same by your tax dollars in exchange for a few years of wearing the eagle, globe, and anchor.)
  9. 9mm seems a bit random to me. Why ban that and not .38 or .45? Also, wouldn't taxing rounds NOT used at galleries be more effective? I mean, if folks want to use their toy guns at a range, why punish them for that? It seems better than penalizing people for using ranges. Just sayin'.
  10. I'm willing to stand corrected. Sorry about calling your statement bullshit. Clearly you have a fine grasp of the reality of the situation.
  11. Hey, Mathy Mikey, 250,000 is 5 times the annual deaths from pneumonia. Excerpt: About 1 million adults in the US seek care in a hospital due to pneumonia every year, and 50,000 die from this disease. Source: https://www.thoracic.org/patients/patient-resources/resources/top-pneumonia-facts.pdf Why do you bullshit?
  12. I see. You're just trolling Shortforbob then. Bored much?
  13. You mean, while Trump was actively lying to the American public and hiding the facts about the pandemic? How about you OWN IT!
  14. Yet you have commented about the government's behavior over the past four years. Every political post you've made here you've discredited by your admission. What you didn't do was vote. Full stop. That makes you worse than a foreign troll. No excuses.
  15. More bullshit from BullshitBullshit.
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