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  1. Here, Jibs, let me help for those folks who don't know how Google works: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/misc/lc/information_memos/2018/im_2018_02 (I promise this is NOT Void Ho.)
  2. IANAA, but fail to understand, what's all this bruhaha. Kid is in violation of the law by open carrying. Period. People died while and because kid was breaking the law. Seems to me to fit the criteria for Felony Manslaughter (at least). Others may have violated the law as well and if so, should be prosecuted accordingly, but none of that negates the initial, illegal act. Any of the above defenses are inapplicable to the initial fact that the kid was in violation of the law. I hope he gets a sentence focused on rehabilitation, not punishment. He seems pretty fucked
  3. Perhaps I missed something, but weren't folks chasing the shooter because he had already shot someone? If not, I do stand corrected. Thanks.
  4. At that point, the shooter was the only known felon in the bunch.
  5. And the President of these United States would be named Shicklgruber.
  6. Seems at least Felony Manslaughter. Kid had no 2nd Amendment right to have that AR, broke the law, someone got killed in the process. Had he not broken the law and brought the AR, nobody would have died. Even Joker will agree with this.
  7. Is it legal for a 17 year old to open carry, unsupervised, in public, after crossing a State line, in Wisconsin?
  8. See, Joker, it's starting to look like you want just to use inflammatory language, as if to incite some response and trigger libs, or whatever to get some sort of perverse thrill. One of the main issues here is that you seem to persist in muddling definitions and using incorrect terminology, as though they are synonymous. As I said, they aren't. Try an experiment in language. Instead of casting about blame and accusations on "protesters" causing carnage, try attacking "rioters" as separate from "protesters" and see who disagrees with you. I am willing to bet that most here don't support r
  9. By definition peaceful protesters can't be rioters. Nor can rioters be peaceful protesters. The definitions are different for a reason. But some seem to think the terms are interchangeable. They aren't. That's not "semantics", it's misuse of words. That's how language works.
  10. I give no passes to anyone. Nor do I call rioters, protesters. (Or protesters, rioters for that matter.)
  11. District? She’s a US Senator. Her “district” is California.
  12. Did I miss the post where Dog challenges the term, "Massive" in the thread title?
  13. Yeah, unfortunately I spend most of my SA time lurking, so not logged in. So I see all the garbage posts.
  14. What's your problem there, J? Whadaya want? Thoughts and Prayers? Wish him well? Call him Nasty? Or just don't care because he didn't attend the inauguration of ____________?
  15. No, I don't have a problem with that at all. She's American (yeah, I know, I know. America is more than the US. But that's what we've been taught to call ourselves. And much of the world does the same). As for any distinction regarding race, I would honestly have to defer to her for the answer to your question. She may take pride in being black. She may take pride in being Indian. And she seems to take pride in being American. I could infer that she may identify as a Black-Indian-American (although it could be in a different order). I do recognize your underlying point and associated
  16. That's K-A-M-A-L-A, with no "R". And it's quite charitable of you to educate the US on the superior, Aussie racism. Thanks!
  17. If that was aimed at me, I didn't suggest Rice. Different Susan. Maybe you knew her as Audrey Farber? But, you're right: Benghazi would have been the only thing the RW media talked about for the next three months.
  18. I suspect this is a bit of a distortion. Given a field of candidates who are relatively equally qualified, they selected a black woman. Something wrong with that?
  19. And quit doing testing, there will be no Covid!
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