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  1. Hey! Don't insult Bozos:
  2. My contact is through my GF who teaches for LWSD. Seattle and Northshore already closed, and thanks to Gov. Snake's State of Emergency they won't have to make up the time at the end of the year.
  3. The update is that TODAY Lake Washington School District finally decided to cancel classes through 27 March. Again, that's the school district in Kirkland.
  4. My girlfriend is a Middle-School Teacher. Her school district hadn't cancelled classes as of last night. She works for Lake Washington School District . . . that's Kirkland. I'm sure you've heard of Kirkland by now.
  5. My apologies for having missed this, but where did she talk about impeaching him again?
  6. And yet, I did find your post funny. Without being insulted. And you seem to have totally missed it. Imagine that. (There is no such thing as good American humor. Don't waste your time looking.)
  7. Meili, my dear, it appears we're talking across each other. While I've had a sock in the past (used almost exclusively for the 1000 days thread), it's been retired for a long, long time. DWO has been in play since the old, bulletin-board style forum. Perhaps I just don't post often enough for your taste, but I'm no sock. Still, that wasn't what I found funny.
  8. Yes. I see now. You're competing with the likes of JZK, Joker, atyourcervix, Pun, and Bravo for Pathetic Troll of the Week. Well done, Newb. You must be very proud.
  9. And not needing the grief, you take my post out of context, ask if my ancestors killed indians, and feel the need to tell me to fuck off? I seriously believe that, were you to bother to see the original context you might not be so quick to attack. My reference to lineage was to establish (or assert, if you prefer) that I am unquestionably an American citizen (SOR or DOR might mean something more to an American than to an Australian--no offense intended) and using that shred of cred to defend a Canadian. That bothers you for some reason. Perhaps you have a problem with Canada? And it seem
  10. You really dug up that post just to tell me to fuck off?
  11. So . . . that comment I made as a response to a forum member who told another forum member to fuck off to Canada. I then quoted the exact text of the Canadian and brought in my lineage to indicate that I and mine have a rather long-standing history on this continent. (My own, fuck off, if you will.) That said. If by "indians" you mean Native Americans, yes. And rather notoriously so. Not something I'm proud of, but it is what it is. Before that, they also murdered each other if that helps (burning at the stake and shit--likely strung out on ergot).
  12. Your wife made me promise not to share my pics of her tits online. Sorry.
  13. Damn! I love this place! Yes, I can track my lineage back to the 17th century on this continent, thanks for your concern. Is this where I get to tell the newbs to fuck off and show us your (or your wife's/girlfriend's) tits? Sorry, wrong type of newb.
  14. How 'bout you first? But your point is well taken. Thank you. That's actually 18th Century, not 19th (Revolution). But my lineage goes back to the 17th century, well before the Revolution. Also, I don't claim to have a good nature, just a long and proud lineage in this country, which is one of the many reasons I do so detest the current POTUS. Of course, while I'm not a fan of the cartoons, I do wholeheartedly support the right to express the opinions contained therein. And served in the Marines (under Carter and Reagan--speaking of Iran and embassy shenanigans) to defend said ri
  15. I'm not a fan of this. I despise Trump, his supporters, and everything he stands for. But making a joke about killing him is stooping to a level as low as Trump himself. Before someone tells me to fuck off to Canada or something, I'm an American citizen with lineage on both sides predating the American Revolution as well as ancestors who fought in both the Revolutionary War (yes, making me a Son of the Revolution through both parents) and the Civil War (including both through the Underground Railroad in Cairo, and Sherman's March).
  16. No surprise, really. Imagine the questions that would be put to him in a debate against the Dem nominee. Let alone having to answer so in front of a neutral audience, as opposed to the Trumpettes he's used to in his pep rallies.
  17. You've dumbed it down to your own level. And inaccurately. You may get some entertainment sticking to your talking point that collusion never happened, but that is NOT what the facts and the Mueller Report said at all. As to the FISA applications, there were problems, but none were "seriously fucked up".
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