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  1. AND the first RW talking point predictably shakes out as: Joe picked her based on her race and her sex, not her qualifications. Typical.
  2. I reject your premise, Jo-Karen. A paraphrase or summary is not equivalent to the original. (Similar to Barr's summary of the Mueller Report.) Have you read the letter to confirm that the content is there? (And if so, why are you so afraid to link to it? Or is that simply because you can't find it?) Have you verified with the multitude of named signers that your link is an accurate depiction? (Have you even verified that the 'multitude of signers' signed the letter?) Or are you simply trusting CNN now?
  3. Jo-Karen, if your link had produced either the letter or a link to it you might have a point. But it doesn't. And you don't.
  4. While not at all out of character, that's pretty childish of you, Jo-Karen. Playing semantics. And without the actual letter, we don't know what it says, do we? Moots your point entirely. (That would be like believing that reading articles about the Mueller Report qualifies one to comment on its contents. Only a Moran would do that.)
  5. Jo-Karen (and his stolen valor avatar) worries about 100 persons exercising their First Amendment rights, warning Biden of the obvious, and calls it racism. But no actual link to the letter? More of the Elk's tactic of "call them what you are before they call you out." Yawn!
  6. No, only half a key. I had to split it with the sound-effects guy.
  7. HERE is some research that surprisingly supports your thesis.
  8. In fairness, BD, Obama didn't have to work half as hard to win that Nobel as Trump did to pass his test.
  9. The "Moms" are there to stand between the 'tRumpazoids' and the protesters. There are some few in the crowd of protesters who want to incite the 'tRumpazoids'. The "Moms" aren't a threat. Nor are the vast majority of the protesters. But they're not the only ones there. You aren't that thick, LS.
  10. Oh, I see. I have to spell it out. Are your NG facing the Gestrumpo or the protesters? You've stuck them in the middle of two sides that want to engage with each other. Methinks the threat likely comes from all sides.
  11. In this context, it will only escalate. And long term, we have an election. In the interim, it's starting in the courts and in the Congress. And, BTW, if they're able to find an opportunity, I'd fully support the arrest of any Gestrumpo shock troops by the local police.
  12. Which way are you asking your NG to face?
  13. Yep. My bad. Poorly proofread. I agree. Avoid violence. Of course, frisbee and hacky sack don't count as violence. Nor does yoga.
  14. I get it. And that's happening at the snail's pace of the legal system. But it's happening. The best move for the protesters is to avoid any violence at all around the federal buildings. One possible move for PDX is to pass a quick ordinance protecting and allowing the protesters access to public areas such that the Gestrumpo will be in clear violation if they go in and trash the tents, tables, or food trucks. (Don't mess with Portland's food trucks!) Embedding uniformed police wouldn't be a bad idea either, but that would take the cooperation of the protesters. Not likely given they
  15. That's what happened in Seattle with CHOP/CHAZ: a dialogue was started with the protesters. And after the shootings (which were some of those opportunistic types), the zone was dismantled and the protesters, the organized folks, understood why and it hasn't re-erupted again. Trump has created an actual enemy now in PDX and drawn the attention and ire of the protesters. The local authorities have no say in how the Gestrumpo is deployed and have no power to intervene (yet). The best bet now is for the PDX hardcore Portlandian protesters to show up and remain peaceful. (Ala Ghandi, MLK, etc.
  16. Nice thought, but I think I have to disagree with you on this one. What needs to be done is to de-escalate matters. Trump doesn't want that, of course. The protesters need to help de-escalate, self-police as well as they can, and not tolerate violence. Including the fires. (I mean, obviously those Trumpolice are a-scared of their marble building burning to the ground while they're inside.) More naked yoga and dancing. Less throwing stuff and lighting fires. Keep the protests non-violent.
  17. You forgot to add that B^2 will post a meme.
  18. Wait! What? Am I inferring correctly that you think that your favorite mushroom is doing a better job as POTUS than Obama did? Now THAT's rich. (And people think that WB doesn't have a sense of humor.)
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