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  1. Warbird is wanting to hear each point so he can pick them off one at a time. In any case: how about Joe has experience in politics, knows that he doesn't know everything, can admit when he's wrong, and will surround himself with qualified individuals to advise him. (One of points when interviewing qualified applicants is setting them a question they don't know the answer to. If they don't admit they don't know, they're off the list.)
  2. Huh? Where did you post over 4400 times then? (Couldn't resist. Sorry.) I fired FB four years ago and never looked back.
  3. Google "race color blindness" and maybe do a little bit of reading. You'll find that your self-professed color blindness, about which you so proudly brag, is not the virtue you think it is. Bring on the meme!
  4. Damn, son, you aren't very good at this, are you? https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf I've gotta agree with the myriad of posters here who say that BB can't read. Sad!
  5. The right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances? It's one of those little known rights that's buried somewhere deep in the Constitution.
  6. Discogs lists the value at ~$6. https://www.discogs.com/George-Lurleen-Wallace-The-Wallaces-Governors-Of-Alabama/release/6198555
  7. Hey! Don't insult Bozos:
  8. You've dumbed it down to your own level. And inaccurately. You may get some entertainment sticking to your talking point that collusion never happened, but that is NOT what the facts and the Mueller Report said at all. As to the FISA applications, there were problems, but none were "seriously fucked up".
  9. Yeah . . . I was trying to be cute and parallel the puppy's syntax in my post.
  10. Not exactly ...In the case of Russian collusion, they found no evidence of criminal conspiracy. In other words, they found no evidence that what was wrong was criminally wrong.
  11. Do you mean like conspiracy to collude with Russia?
  12. I dropped one of those earlier this week over in PA.
  13. Sometimes red shorts are just red shorts. not saying it’s THIS time. But sometimes . . .
  14. Ditto. But he might accidentally step on one. I’m leaning towards the rabid raccoons. Or stick him in a dark closet with BabyBravo and pipe in Barry Manilow music.
  15. This is unnecessary and unacceptable, Austin. And cruel. What do you have against porcupines?
  16. You read it, therefore you need to work on your reading comprehension. Thanks for clarifying. It seems that you are consistent on that point at least. As to your change of topic: I've always believed that the US should strive to be a leader in the world, not relegated to simply meandering along blithely behind the likes of China nor India (nor the alleged, unidentified billion others). Clearly you believe we should just get in line and follow along behind them. I respectfully disagree. Future generations can't afford your ignorance.
  17. Fail. Try again. (And you should try reading the article next time. Either that, or you need to work on your reading comprehension.)
  18. Bullshit. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/30/science/climate-change-plants-global-greening.html
  19. Do you have him on ignore? I ’spect he’ll provide plenty of boredom.
  20. Point well taken, Ish. Apologies.
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