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  1. (Clearly I wasn't after all.) Must be my age showing. You weren't a fan of Dick Tracy cartoons then?
  2. Last one: because Austria made a decision, the collective "We" (or "Us" for Max) have given up on herd immunity. The leap this time is to "yearly" shots, "as with the flu". And I'm now unclear about your "immunity" reference. Is this again the collective "we", as in herd immunity? Please treat this as rhetorical. I'm six-two-and-even, over and out for today.
  3. Us. Remember Max said we should use "Us". So: "[I]t looks like us can count on yearly vaccinations as with the flue then, is that right?" And IMHO, you've made another of those weird leaps to your conclusion again.
  4. Rain!?? In the San Juans? In November? Shocking! Maybe it's just God's way of helping us to justify the expense of our foulies.
  5. Oh, ZING. You got me on that one. The ultimate burn. You truly ARE the master.
  6. What?!? No violent clashes between the masked and anti-maskers in Roche? Not even a water balloon fight (oh yeah, not WIRW)? Just two days of sailing around the San Juan Islands? The world didn't end because OIYC and the RTC RC imposed a mask mandate on participants? Imagine!
  7. Well, I don't think it grammatically correct, but just for you: The collective "us" don't agree on anything.
  8. See? He's his own cite. Because he's self-appointed expert on everything about which he opines.
  9. The OP regarded an Austrian policy. So the underlying presumptions are Austrian, by the Austrian healthcare authority (whomever they are), not the collective "We".
  10. You've changed your subject from Austria's decision to the issue of natural immunity and how it bears on herd immunity. He's FakeDoctor. He's his own cite because he knows better than ANYONE.
  11. Perhaps he meant when we all feel that "we are in this together"?
  12. Who is this "We" to whom you keep referring? The collective "we" would include everyone. With so many anti-vaxxers out there, the obvious answer to your question is no. The collective "we" don't agree on anything.
  13. You seem to think that because Raz'r answered that IHHO Austria's policy is to reduce the load on hospitals that "we stopped going for herd immunity." Raz'r is not a spokesperson for "We as in the collective", nor is he a spokesperson for Austria, nor is he a spokesperson for the CDC. Clearly the premise underlying your "question" is based on your fallacious assumption.
  14. "We"? Perhaps when we left Austria? (Disclaimer: I have never lived in Austria.)
  15. Sure, but can she give proper instruction on how to whistle?
  16. CDC does not agree with you, FakeDoctor. YMMV I know you obsess about being correct. Eventually you will be. Just not today. (Of course, when the reality finally catches up with your prognostications, you will claim to have been right all along. Following your advice will simply make that take longer.) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated-guidance.html https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#county-view
  17. If you're not masking (in part) to serve as a positive example for people to do the same (where it is required by local healthcare authority, by the way), you're doing it wrong. It takes NO time at all and there is NO downside, only an upside. And I'm arguing with a hemlock stump.
  18. FakeDoctor: Who the fuck do you think you are to tell ANYONE that by masking they are doing it wrong! You arrogant, narcissistic asshole! You're an internet troll, no more, no less. You have NO expertise on the subject. None. You have only your own self-serving opinion. And you're wrong. -Signed, another arrogant, narcissistic asshole internet troll.
  19. Apparently FakeDoctor sees no advantage to himself to protect the unwillingly unvaxed. Nor is there any advantage to setting an example to others, especially children. I mask around my grandbabies, not so much to protect myself, but in solidarity with them and to set an example. (The older one finally got her first vax this weekend. The younger one is still too young. They are both wonderful about wearing masks.) I mask in public (no, not outdoors on the street when I'm alone) for much the same reason, to encourage others to do the same. My definition of altruism and FakeDoctor's defi
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