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  1. Why wouldn't he? Do you think there's a contradiction there? 'Cause there really isn't. Some people's world view allows for shades of grey. You might try that sometime. And you're the one accusing people of PUI today? Pot, meet kettle?
  2. RIF. He's still all for it. He's saying Biden is not. He's saying he disagrees with Biden.
  3. As far as I can tell, you're the only one worried about this "piddly ass sailboat race". The others here (who, unlike you, may actually attend) are happy to comply with the RTC RC decision. At least one boat I've raced on in RTC also forbids cigarette smoking on board. As with the entire regatta: it's their show, their rules. If you don't agree, don't play. Nobody's forcing anything on anyone here.
  4. Where in the Constitution does it forbid abortion?
  5. So you're advocating for masks to stop the spread of the disease, regardless of vaccination status. Thanks for your clarification.
  6. Assertions of fact, eh? That looks suspiciously like opinion to me.
  7. Firearm Safety classes mandatory in K-12. Guns are not toys.
  8. It appears to me that he thinks that you haven't mentioned a specific policy which is causing prices to rise. But you do you.
  9. Perhaps things aren't as black and white as you seem to wish.
  10. 'Twas your link. One assumed you thought it credible.
  11. I beg to differ. This thread isn't about the effectiveness of a vaccine. It's about RTC and their decision to require vaccinations. Their race, their rules. You don't like it? Don't race. I'm absolutely certain you won't be missed.
  12. From Jizzie's link: "While there has been recovery of hard coral cover, this was driven by fast-growing Acropora corals which are vulnerable to the common disturbances affecting the GBR. Surveys also recorded shifts in coral communities on some outer shelf reefs in the Northern and Central GBR following the 2016/17 mass coral bleaching events. "The GBR remains exposed to the the predicted consequences of climate change, including more severe cyclones and more frequent and intense marine heatwaves. The observed recovery has been seen previously and can be reversed in a short amount of time
  13. You are a simpleton. All corals are not created equal. (Much like your 'greening of the planet' assertions. But I've addressed those in the past.) Pretty sure the link said Million, not Billion. And I don't think it was from Bus.
  14. The data don't support your assertion. Even remotely.
  15. Although coral reefs have been around for over 500 million years, the Great Barrier Reef is relatively young at 500,000 years, and this most modern form is only 8,000 years old, having developed after the last ice age.
  16. LOL. Okay, Bullshitter, when, exactly, was that? (Wait a sec. I need popcorn.)
  17. As oceans absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), they become more acidic. This affects the ability of reef-building corals to grow their skeletons and form the foundation for coral reefs. Weaker skeletons also make corals more vulnerable to disease and destruction by storms.
  18. Maybe you could petition the RTC RC for an exception so you can participate in the race. Oh, you weren't planning to attend? I'm sure your opinion will be given all the consideration it deserves.
  19. I'm becoming more and more convinced that they do understand, that they don't care, and that their arguments (which repeat the same bullshit even when contradicted by reputable cites) are merely for attention--to own the libs and see what kind of emotional responses they can invoke and how many responses they can get. I know: that's really just a lot of extra words to call them Trolls. Or attention whores.
  20. Truer words were never written.
  21. Are we supposed to ignore this thread?
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