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  1. While I disagree with Dog much of the time (well, most of the time), in no world would I wish "the Rona" or any other ill on him.
  2. Only on SA would one find a discussion on how to/whether one can stick one's dick in a garbage disposal, whether flaccid or not. I love this place! (BTW: Aren't the blades at the level of the outlet drain, around 7.25" from the top? Below that is the motor.)
  3. Wind bad fiction? You really are being far too kind.
  4. That would be a thread hijack. (I'll let myself out. Thanks.)
  5. Hobot, get well quickly. We need you back out on the Sound! (Or whatever they're calling it this week.)
  6. This is a very interesting question, and one I've not heard addressed by anyone. Bumping again. @bpm57? Anyone?
  7. If your vouchers are redeemable for full tuition at the finest private schools, without any need for the parents providing additional funds, maybe. If the parents have to pitch in any money, absolutely NO. Also, no admission requirements that differ from those at public schools--those accepting vouchers would have to accept all who applied. Then maybe. Only maybe. (But probably not.) It still doesn't solve the problem that vouchers used at private schools, defund public schools. I find that unacceptable. If you have problems with the quality of the schools in the district to which you ch
  8. If I don't get Shel Silverstein, you don't get Adam Sandler. Thbbbbt!
  9. At the suggestion of @quod umbra in the Best Songwriter's thread (and to avoid more thread drift over there): Queen Bowie (Ziggy) The Kinks (Schoolboys)
  10. Shhhh. People will find out where the hell Winthrop Washington is.
  11. Tough call: Queen, probably. But Bowie was close. The Who sucked. But that was their first, last concert tour. In the Kingdome.
  12. Nobody ever admits to liking Buffett.
  13. My kids never got to have any toy guns. Because guns aren't toys. They're tools. Not that I'm anti-gun. My oldest, when he was 10, got a single shot Springfield for his birthday because he had asked to take, and then completed a firearm safety course. (He got the bolt for his 18th birthday.) Neither of the other two ever expressed interest in firearms, toys or otherwise. (I also prohibited toy musical instruments unless they were properly tuned--which never happened. My youngest now has a double degree in music and engineering.)
  14. Detroit is a lot more rural than I had imagined.
  15. Jimmy not yer cuppa? (Would purple help?) Try Barefoot Man? (eg: It's Not the Fish That Stinks) How about Shel Silverstein? (I Got Stoned And I Missed It?) Robert Johnson? (For all his songs that were covered.)
  16. Plenty of great names here, but . . . You call yourselves sailors? The compulsory Jimmy Buffett
  17. Jesus wants you to remember that if you don't sin, he died for nothing.
  18. I checked online and those instructions are horrible. Use any line level output from the source (usually tape out, in the dark ages). As gptyk says, don't use speaker or headphone outputs--you could well fry that BT transmitter. Line level outputs are much lower power than the speaker or headphone outputs and are not affected by the volume control. (The volume shouldn't be controlled at the amp, but at the receiver (whatever receives signal from the BT transmitter).)
  19. What of (for example) French-Americans, German-Americans, Italian-Americans, Russian-Americans? A lot of people identify as such. Perhaps Mel isn't as wrong as you think she is.
  20. What, pray tell, is American versus different?
  21. I may be misunderstanding your question, Shortforbob, but the Constitution, the First Amendment, doesn't allow riots. It preserves the "right of the people to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances". (Done from memory, so don't rely on my quote.)
  22. @Dog and Bus--LMGTFY: https://apnews.com/article/a3377d14856e4f4fb584509963a7a223
  23. My pleasure. (Insipidity is in the mind of the beholder.) Did Nice!'s response make more sense to you?
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