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  1. The data don't support your assertion. Even remotely.
  2. Although coral reefs have been around for over 500 million years, the Great Barrier Reef is relatively young at 500,000 years, and this most modern form is only 8,000 years old, having developed after the last ice age.
  3. LOL. Okay, Bullshitter, when, exactly, was that? (Wait a sec. I need popcorn.)
  4. As oceans absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), they become more acidic. This affects the ability of reef-building corals to grow their skeletons and form the foundation for coral reefs. Weaker skeletons also make corals more vulnerable to disease and destruction by storms.
  5. Maybe you could petition the RTC RC for an exception so you can participate in the race. Oh, you weren't planning to attend? I'm sure your opinion will be given all the consideration it deserves.
  6. I'm becoming more and more convinced that they do understand, that they don't care, and that their arguments (which repeat the same bullshit even when contradicted by reputable cites) are merely for attention--to own the libs and see what kind of emotional responses they can invoke and how many responses they can get. I know: that's really just a lot of extra words to call them Trolls. Or attention whores.
  7. Truer words were never written.
  8. Are we supposed to ignore this thread?
  9. You've seen my cites, Jizz. If you were REALLY interested in discussion, you would have proven it in the past. Engaging in anything other than the juvenile antics you espouse is a waste of time. So I call you a Newb and a bullshitter. If, someday, you actually seem to be interested in engaging in a discussion and staying on topic, I might spend some time doing just that. But that's not today. You have no credibility at all. You're a troll. And a bad one at that.
  10. What are you, the topic police? You get to change the subject back and forth at your whim? Not only are you a bullshitter, you're an arrogant bullshitter. Six, two, and even.
  11. I've engaged before, Jizzy. I've provided links to peer-reviewed articles. You've chosen to ignore them. Fine. I'm not interested in participating in your circle jerk. But I am willing to call you out. You're a bullshitter, pure and simple.
  12. What if nobody in attendance gets COVID from attending the race because everyone is vaccinated? What if J Pod decides they've had it with sailboats and they decide to ram and sink all the boats? What if unicorns appear at Roche and spread rainbow farts across the fleet in the middle of the night? What if Mark Set stops trolling? Or what if the RTC RC sets the rules for RTC participation?
  13. Perhaps someone with a decent taco recipe could start a new thread? (I'm not qualified.)
  14. There is no case to be made for this. (I've provided you with some rather detailed evidence in the past. You chose to ignore it, yet you keep making the same, lame statement as if incessant repetition will make it true. It won't. It isn't.) That said, I have to agree with your earlier statement to the effect that it is highly unlikely that humanity will destroy life on earth. Absent a Venus level runaway greenhouse effect, some life will likely survive.
  15. Nobody here is forcing anyone to get the vaccine. It's RTC's regatta. It's their rules. Don't like it? Don't register. Simple.
  16. Of course, YMMV, but at least in Washington State, we have a form called a POLST (Physician's Order re Life Sustaining Treatment, IIRC) that is signed by a physician and directs treatment, or withholding thereof. I do a lot of work on Living Wills (among other EP documents) and we've found that the directives in Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney are often not very well received nor followed by healthcare providers. Likewise, the Attorney-in-Fact's directions regarding withholding treatment. The best way to avoid potential problems (and what we advise our clients) is to h
  17. You mean the ones that occurred after she withdrew her candidacy on December 3, 2019? Are you trolling or just stupid?
  18. Violent insurrection vs espionage. Agreed: quite different.
  19. Viva la People's Liberation Front! (Or was that the Liberation Front of the People?)
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