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  1. How old is Josi? I took in Austin1972's GSP, Bella, when he passed. She is 16 years old and has been a great comfort for me. She can be quite a character though.
  2. Austin1972 would definitely have enjoyed that. He loved checking out different bars and meeting people.
  3. He was proud of how well his cattle were cared for. Those are some very happy cattle. Thanks for the pics
  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures. He loved that farm.
  5. He used to joke that there was another town nearby called Plano and if he bought the town between them he would name it Bologna, so then it would be Plano, Bologna, Sandwich!
  6. It is too bad this did not work out, Austin1972 has been talking about going to Croatia for awhile now. And I am sure he would have loved to meet you and your wife. He also LOVED good food and wine.
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