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  1. I own a RS21, and i will be perfectly honest I love it. Such an easy boat to handle and well thought out. Can get a little wet at times, but like any sailing if you wear the appropriate gear its not a problem. It loves a good breeze and really stable on plane. In light wind it does suffer downwind compared to other similar boats due to running a Gennaker rather than a full Asymmetric and cant run those deeper soaking angles. Upwind it runs good from light to a stiff breeze and holds its own with a J/70 and J/80 for the waterline length it has. It is considerably less money to purchase than a J
  2. sorry typed too fast RS 21. Already booked my spot for Charleston tonight, registration is now open.
  3. Im in the same situation, Looking for some costal regattas, mid to lower east coast, to get some RS practice before Charleston 2022 :-). Is there an easy source or do you have to scroll through regatta network and read all the NOR's to see if one is applicable? Thanks
  4. I have an RS 21 and love it. Very ergonomic cockpit. Never have to pay for gas with the E propulsion. Points very well, and good upwind. Does require constant adjustment to get the best out of it, but will sail at 90% with a set and sail attitude. Not as fast down wind as some in light winds, but the when the wind picks up it comes into its own. Always feels very safe and stable at speed when plaining. Easy to trailer sail too with lifting keel.
  5. Cool, not so sure I believe the Washington post entirely. We all know how truthful the US media is :-) . I'm sure there may have been some satellite intelligence, as for the rest, the British military has enough stockpiles for what it needed. It was the cold war back then and with the Russian threat, there would never have been a shortage of fuel and ammunition's. Wouldn't have had time for a delivery if Russia had decided to pop across the boarder.
  6. Would be interested in knowing how and why you think that. Vulcans flew from Waddington, were refueled by Victor tankers, managed to get there to drop some bombs on Stanley airfield. All the Navy ships that were down there were British.
  7. I dated a lady in Guernsey for a while quite a few years back. Never heard of this rule back then but they did have a rule on house pricing to where locals to the island had an affordable price and non locals had to pay stupid amounts of money for housing. Kinda made the rule by default.
  8. Could always just drag the fishing boats to the bottom with a submarine. Its been done before
  9. What about the RS 21? Easy to sail with 3, good all round boat. Goes well up wind and planes earlier than a 70 or 80. Half the price of a J-70 and trailer sails just like it.
  10. I have an RS21 and all i can say this boat is huge fun. Every time i go out i have a massive grin on my face. She just glides in the light stuff, and can take some big wind and turn it into speed. Me and crew were just playing for speed the other day in 15knts, gusting to 25+ and held a sustained plane at 12.5knts, running slightly forward of the beam with just the jib and main. Didn't manage to get the spin up in the good wind, as by the time we had tacked far enough up the lake it had backed down. Still ran 9.5 to 10 all the way back. Racing tomorrow in a 17 mile race up the lake and back an
  11. I have a racegeek with transducer also on my RS. Love it also
  12. There are 3 very active clubs on Lake Norman for Keelboats and Sport boats, Out Rigger Yacht Club, Lake Norman Yacht Club (as mentioned earlier), and The Peninsular Yacht Club. For dinghy's there is Lake Norman Yacht Club, Peninsular Yacht Club and Lake Norman Sailing Community. We race pretty much all year round and there is a race to be had pretty much every weekend. We also have a very active Wednesday night series spring to fall. As for mooring a boat there are 6 to 7 marinas i can think of and im probably missing a few. Food for thought Neil
  13. I am of course biased as the RS is my new toy. Let me know if you wanna come and sail. I will be going head to head with VX-1, J-70, and U-20 from the boats you have listed on Wednesday nights. The VX-1 is a 102, J-70 is a 117, U-20 is a 141, and they have handed me a 114 PHRF. Neil
  14. If Boston is too far away for you and you are near Charlotte, NC and would like to come and take a quick sail, if I am available I'd be happy to take you out and let you feel how the RS sails. I got a RS in November and really enjoy how it moves. Neil
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