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  1. Thanks guys for the comments. I already got a quote from Net sys, it comes to more than $800 including border rope and attachment Dyneema. I also tried directly from factories in China but they can't handle such a tiny amount, I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative. MultiThom, I didn't see any new video on Youtube this year. what happened to SriRacha, your Searail19?
  2. ok, thanks for your quick reply. I will try Federer. @Twobirds, that's exactly the problem, sifting through tons of possible suppliers and discussing the application takes forever. So a few specific names like Federer would be helpful. With respect to mesh size and strength what is your recommendation? From what I see in the forums polyester would be the most economical choice. Greetings Chris
  3. Gentlemen, can someone tell me where to get the polyester knotted fishing net in the US? Ideally in California. Greetings Sam
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