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  1. cant make everyone happy
  2. For all those who asked for more T&A in one of our retro boat videos, eat your heart out Obligatory Girl
  3. next monday the Olson 30 Retroboat video will be up!
  4. If you were close to San Diego we could do a RetroBoat on it.
  5. We’re working on it. Olson is on the radar
  6. Get me a contact on the west coast and we’ll do it. Budget is still not there to travel too far that’s why we’ve been plucking boats that are local. if you know someone contact me through my contact submission on my site noblemanproductions.com
  7. Good call, been trying to figure out the cross pollination. The forum is a strange entity to me... I'm admittedly a millennial and this forum is in a different universe. It would be fun to play off it though. This whole YouTube thing was a leap due to covid. This last year I've spent a lot of time learning it and the analytics trying to get into the algorithm; It's tough! The whole reason I made this post was to get a better idea of what our audience wants. After being on here though Jesus this isn't the place in general. But their have been a few people who have some helpful comm
  8. We call it the blackmail folder and it's plentiful ha Thanks for the feedback. We are listening. The last video we put the owner in it. We're also adding some t&a soon
  9. Spew bothers me. Truth is I came here in hopes of getting a better idea of what we could do that would be useful, helpful or something you'd like to see more of. I don't need to promote myself or the channel on here however I thought that since this is a sailing audience it would be good to ask directly. Spew is an opinion and a pretty baseless one. The channel is consistently growing so people must like it and the analytics don't lie. But if you want to come on here and be blunt then have at it. I'm plenty happy doing the show and just want to improve it that much more. If you don't like it c
  10. Ok for one good luck making something entertaining with half the “knowledgeable” people associated with boats. Hardly spew.... Jesus H Christ this forum is like falling under a bridge with a bunch of trolls
  11. yea something we can improve on... we're not perfect. Glad your enjoying
  12. wardrobe consultant isn't currently in the budget and honestly who cares! Otherwise the other feedback is notable. The challenge from the production side of this is that we want to also appease a more general audience, we're thinking of changing style a little bit when we do just strictly race and then when we do more cruise style boats we will focus on the creature comforts for the general audience. Thanks for the feedback
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