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  1. The short coachroof was as per the original design. Inshallah pictured above was the first boat to be moulded (but not the first one launched) and did well on the race course . The boats were mostly purchased as hull, deck and bulkheads and then owner finished.
  2. It is a Miura. A 9.35 meter boat designed by Oswald Berckemeyer of Cape Town dating back to 1974. It was conceived as a 1/2 tonner, but ended up rating a bit higher under IOR. There were various builders over the years and each one of them had their own attempt at a deck and cabin top design. Some good, some very bad. The boats were pretty fast and could be pushed hard downwind. Also did well upwind once the breeze was up. Back in the day they did quite well in offshore racing here in South Africa and it is still raced as a local class. Literally 100's of them have circumna
  3. Good evening, You should seriously consider getting an F9AX instead of a Corsair F31. I have just checked Ian Farrier's specs for the F9AX. The load carrying capacity is 1295 kgs which is about 15% more than that of the F9A or Corsair F31. Keep in mind that 1295 kgs include the crew, things like outboard motor, fuel, batteries, ground tackle and sails. That leaves little room for clobber, food and water. But being backpackers and ultra runners, you obviously know how to travel and pack light! The main hull of the F9AX is 200 mm wider than the standard boat and this pushes t
  4. Hey Scot, How about a final Retro Boat on "Ragtime" before you call it quits! The series will not be complete without it.
  5. By introduction, I did the opening post. I am South African. I am definitely not a Royalist. Under the British Empire rule my great-great grandparents and their fellow countrymen were put into concentration camps under atrocious conditions during the Boer Wars. More people died inside these camps than by enemy fire. I therefore would have plenty of reasons to knock the Royals. But I chose not to. I am also a keen sailor. Prince Philip was also a keen sailor. I can say that I have competed against him at Cowes Week in '85 and '86. I don't think he spotted me though! I can re
  6. www.cmsails.co.za Craig Millar Sails, Durban South Africa. I've never met him ,but he's been around the South African sailing scene for many years. He does a lot to get kids from disadvantaged communities into sailing.
  7. An amateur built Farrier F9AX at the start of a 1800 mile ocean race. This boat was built as a little cruiser but has now done 4 ocean races of 1800 miles. After 12 years there is still NO FLEX whatsoever in the structure. Hand laid up fibreglass composites. Boats built by fancy name yards are not always built with the same care as one built by a nervous back yard builder. Not my picture.
  8. I'm going back on memory here, but in 2010 we raced my Farrier F9 in a 1800 mile ocean race. I seem to recall that the international requirement for a trimaran was to have the usual two fixed installations in the centre hull and a portable pump available for pumping out the floats. At the time I referred to an Ausie written book on racing multi's offshore and the guy advocated a good capacity pump mounted on a plywood board. There should be pennants fitted to the board so it could be tied down to wherever it was needed and the pick-up and discharge pipes must be permanently attached. I a
  9. A question..... Am I correct in asking if there is a size below which a catamaran is not a viable proposition when it comes to reasonable performance? There seems to be no catamaran class below 14ft with reasonable sailing performance. The expert opinions?
  10. That's a cool renovation and upgrade. Congrats with on winning the Provincials with it. Regards.
  11. Good Morning, I sailed with Bob Fisher in the 1980 Agulhas Race, a tough 480 mile race off the notorious South African coast. I was the young rookie onboard the Lavranos designed 41 footer Nutcracker. What a character he was. Bob turned the race into a laugh-a-minute for all of us and we finished a good 2nd overall. 5 years later I bumped into him in Lymington and was thrilled that he remembered me. Sail on Bob!
  12. Hallo Nobleman, I've posted on the Farrier Forum asking for a West coat F27owner to make contact with you .I really hope someone does. Regards.
  13. Good evening, Thanks for that offer Nobleman, but unfortunately I'm from very far away. Hopefully someone close to you sees this and makes contact. However, well done with your series on Retro Boats. I love watching them. Regards from St Francis Bay, South Africa. The home of the perfect wave.
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